OK model is done for the most part.

I think I’m done fiddling with the small model samus light armor now.

IMG_2550  IMG_2551

Front and back. Couldn’t make the shoulders more round because the only heat source I used was my breath.


Here’s a closeup of the new and improved helmet.

Whenever I get around to the full size version for myself, I think I really will try to figure out ways around layering so much. Can you imagine wearing 3 layers of foam?? The dimensional texture of the armor may involve some sculpting on my part, hence my desire for a rotary tool. I looked up prices of the gym mat foam on amazon and boy they get expensive. I imagine that there will be a good amount of messing up too. I’m currently trying to find places that sell a clear/white plastic visor. I wonder what I should attempt first? No matter where I start I think setting up casts of myself is most important. The one that I made for my torso is still sitting there. I wonder how accurate it is. Trying to decide what to stuff it with. I also ran out of tape.

This project has been eating away at my mind. In a way, the mental stimulation gives me something to think and marvel and plan about. I hate how everything always has to come to a halt because money is always an issue.


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