I am at my hoooooouse. :) After missing a weekend it’s truly very nice. I made a big deal about making it here before Saturday because the patio was scheduled for today and they told me that I needed to be there for 20 minutes at first. I waited. Called them and asked when the crews are usually out. They said between 8-10. So I waited again. My mom and brother left to get some shopping done. I waited some more. Irritated, I called them again and this time I got to talk to the manager lady that I’d been corresponding with. She apologized at least 20 times saying that she meant to call me because they don’t usually build on weekends. It will be done this Monday instead. No biggie really…I was just waiting around for about 3 hours extra instead of going out like I intended too, but then again I don’t think my life changed too much by wasting 3 hours playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. With that out of the way we went to Lowe’s, roamed around and bought a 22′ ladder. It’s really quite an awesome ladder. I am well pleased. Chilled out the rest of the afternoon, went to church (I really like this church. It reminds me very much of the Richmond diocese), walked the dog with my mom, cut our wheat-like grass (it was already long 2 weeks ago), ate dinner, scratched some scratchers. And here I am! Overall happy.

I was unable to sleep this morning because this house gets so bright, so I lay there and brainstormed heavily about the samus armor costume. I’m getting really excited about it!! Sketching the proposed pieces allows me to get my mind wrapped around the logistics. I think I might try on a small scale model first with craft foam and see how that goes. I will definitely want a dremel tool, methinks. Maybe I should make a life-sized mannequin of myself!!! hahahahaha.

Back to nova tomorrow. Got some errands to run.


3 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. Or a heat gun–they’re really useful for heat-molding foam (much more effective than a hair dryer or lighter). People have made mannequins out of duct tape and newspapers!


    1. Did you try the hair dryer? Im not sure how much a heat gun costs. The dremel would help me etch or make designs easier at least in theory.


      1. Hair dryer works for thin 6mm foam, but you might have a harder time with anything thicker than that. I know that painters use heat guns for tearing off paint so if you know any painters, maybe you could borrow one since they can be pricey. I’ve also seen people use stovetops which work well.


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