Summer Yet?

These new ad banners are really quite annoying. It’s scary how it knows what you’ve browsed and what your interests are…does it keep your IP address?? Unfortunately I guess it’s necessary because I can’t imagine that the majority of bloggers on this site pay for a darn anything. I know I don’t.

Boy the temperatures are heating up aren’t they! I hate when it gets hot at night. I can never be happy towards the morning; it’s too hot, then it’s too cold, then it’s unbearably hot, then it’s freezing again and the only result is that I can’t sleep the last 2-3 hours peacefully before I have to get up. Bleh. At least Gable wasn’t making a racket this morning. Thank goodness.

I don’t think I like coming back from my house on Mondays. I stayed the extra night this time because of the Ren Faire being on a Sunday and not wanting to fight Sunday traffic. Knowing that work traffic is worse, I decided to leave at 5:30 so that I could get home by 6:30 and avoid most of the rush. Unfortunately for me and especially because of the path I go, people are up as early too. I ended up reaching home around 7:10ish. Unhappy. Looks like my favorite time frame for going down would be Friday night and coming back Sunday morning starting at around 8:30-9. Whenever we do that it feels like a mini vacation. Leaves time on Saturday to not rush around and do whatever, and then it give me 2 days essentially to come back up here and bum around or get done what I need to get done.

Yesterday was a strange day for me. Since I came back so early I had to take a nap, and I almost NEVER take naps during the day because I cannot get up!!!!! I hate it!!!! And then I end up feeling more tired when I actually manage to get up with a headache than before. Because it was my “bum around” day I wanted to fill it with mindless actions so I downloaded a bunch of game demos on the 3DS and the Wii U and ended up only playing 2 of them, spending much more time on Lego City Undercover (Wii U) which is a decent game with punishing load times and a potential to make me nauseous. I don’t know why these days I get nauseous so easily. It’s always been a problem, but as I get older and older it gets worse.

After all the gaming (…I am sorry to say that I am newly addicted to Farmville 2…tragic news, I know) I felt bad so I did the laundry I was neglecting, did the one errand I was supposed to, walked the dog farther than planned, dressed the dog in newly acquired life jacket planned for the beach trip, went and got gas for the car, and made dinner. Then my mom came home and I watched Brain Games on TV. Amazing show that is. Verily.

OK so that about sums up the weekend, but remember when I wanted to try and not write only about diary things and ranting? This time I’d like to share an interesting tidbit. SO, interesting tidbit #1: I may have already mentioned this before, but in honor of the pirate theme we’re missing from VARF this coming weekend I’d like to officially explore the origins of the terms “hit the head” and “let’s hang out!” Privy trivia. “Hit the head” came about because as you may have realized by now ships did not have toilets. The captain may have a glorified hole in his cabin that provided a measure of privacy, but the crew would have to go to the head of the ship and hang out over the side while holding on to the rigging there. Now, as dangerous as that sounds, it truly was with the dips and swells of the ocean. And what if you were so scared or ate something bad during turbulent weather? Can’t help it when nature calls. So you’d invite a buddy to come with you. Sounds strange now, but it’d be a good time for conversation, aaaaand you’d want your buddy there juuuust in case you were to lose your balance.

Now as we’re mentioning seamen, interesting tidbit #2 (score!! 2 in an entry!) is the origins of why pirates or crewmen were called “limeys” like “Arrrrr me limeys!!!” It all had to do with the problem of scurvy on ships. The eating fare on sea vessels wasn’t entirely appetizing because water, salt, humidity, rats, and the lack of refrigeration didn’t allow for ice cream, fresh fruits, steaks, etc. And with that would be lacking a very important Vitamin C. So ships would take to carrying a massive load of limes because they are compact and chocked full of Vitamin C.

Yaaaaay. Info.




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