VA Ren Faire!


Virginia Renaissance Faire! It’s located at the Lake Anna Winery in Spotsylvania, VA and it is relatively new at about 4-5 years old. My sister came to pick me up and we + her friend headed down to the Winery. I was to meet up with my friend there. When we turned into the vineyard I was like daaang it’s small. My only other Ren faire had been the big one in Maryland that has been around for about 20 years, so I was disappointed, but the ticket fare reflected as much. As soon as we headed over, we were verbally accosted by costumed people. That was new for me! The Maryland one is so large that people just kind of do their own thing. I don’t remember the actors! So it’s true that comparatively it was small, but the amount of fun and laughing that occurred was above and beyond my memories. We were regaled by stories and jokes first, looked at some vendors, learned how to shoot a cannon, found my friend, were put in stocks, and then conscripted into the militia and trained on pikes to help parade in the Queen. Then it was off to more vendors, and I was magnetically pulled to the destrier show. OMG I love horses. Especially big horses. Then I bought a turkey leg and we were off to the games section of the faire, found some cicadas, flossed my teeth, found greyhound stuff, shot bow and arrows (SO. MUCH. FUN.) ate chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick, ate some kettlecorn from my sister, watched the maypole and then the crazy awesome exhibitionist guy juggle, balance on a ball, jump a unicycle, etc (he was so young!), wandered more vendors, watched greyhound coursing, petted greyhounds, showed off my greyhound shirt, then were accosted again by more costumed peoples, laughed, and left!

My ankle was acting up about halfway through.

My friend took me home, I showed off my house, gave her a graduation present, ran Gable, and here I am again!!! Gable just came into my room and is hoohooing  at me because ’tis nigh 6pm and ergo walkies. This will mark the first time I’ve stayed at my house through to Monday! And also the first time I’ve had people to my house and the first time I haven’t had anything that needs doing while I’m here.

Overall a successfully happy day. This habit of actually doing fun things might grown on me… Makes me want to go to some sort of con! But I’m such a nervous driver!!! Maybe someone can drive me @_@


2 thoughts on “VA Ren Faire!

  1. Sounds like you had fun! I love going to smaller events because you get to do more things. I feel like sometimes I get too overwhelmed at bigger events and don’t get to do all the stuff I want. Did you actually get to shoot a cannon? Because that would have been awesome.


    1. no…we didn’t actually shoot the cannon but we went through all the steps as if it was onboard a ship! I think that’s what I felt like at the one anime con I went to. It’s the shows and the panels you’re supposed to go for!


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