I better get this stuff down before I forget

OK so the new non-personal-life blogging material is making me happy! It’s nice to get the central focus away from my personal life diary. Unfortunately sometimes I don’t post things unless it’s really bothering me, hence the myriad of negative and dramatic posts on this blog. Trying new things!!

Thought #1 – Sensory overload

Watching Gable when he sniffs the air outside, inside and everywhere you realize that dogs rely upon their superior sense of smell quite a bit. I look at his tiny head sometimes and joke that he has this little brain, but can you imagine if our ears and noses were like that of dogs? Animals? We have this unique ability to rationalize that most animals do not. Our brain function allows us to plan, manipulate, cheat, invent, utilize our way to the top of the animal kingdom. We can look introvertantly and try to better ourselves…or not and fall into a wallowing pit of self-pity. I believe that if we were to be able to distinguish among tiny smells (the book, this vs that carpet, that sock, the lightbulb, the popsicle stick on the counter) or discern the littlest movement it would drive us insane. The usefulness is completely outweighed by the literally mind-blowing amount of sensory overload. Because dogs do not dwell upon things like humans tend to, they can understand, ok, that’s that smell and that’s this smell, the end. No, oo that smells ripe or that’s just disgusting look at it. They don’t try to qualify or quantify anything. They just accept and move on. As humans with our superior brain, I doubt we could ever handle it. Hmmm….do we really have superior brain function after all? We certainly have given up a lot for rationalization. In the same vein of thought, maybe that’s why animals don’t cross-communicate. It’s all too much. I used to want to have the superpower to understand animals, but imagine walking outside and understanding all the birds, squirrels, ants, crickets, cats, etc. That would be one massive headache.

Thought #2 – Too late I forget.

Have you ever wondered why of all the living things in this world, nay this universe, you were born as you? I have lots of time and patients at work to think about this.

For mother’s day my mom got a greyhound shirt, a steamvac, and Harry & David dark chocolate bing cherries. My grandma got a yellow rose like she always wanted  and we took her out for pho. Gable gave me lots of poopies. How very thoughtful of him.

IMG_2389 IMG_2383

He’s such a goober. I guess I should go get some gas eh? Hopefully I won’t buy too many other things. Gonna make lasagna tonight!



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