late update!

This past weekend was rather fun! Painful mostly, but overall fun! I went down to mah howse by myself with Gable early Saturday morning (because I am a morning person) and with a stomach full of excitement butterflies, I turn the bend to see….MY NEW FENCE.



It is SO PRETTY. No one else in the neighborhood has a fence like this! The pretty red color is because it’s made of cedar. OH MY GOSH the SMELL. It is well worth the price.


Notice how the fence posts are used in the fence? All the other fences have the posts behind the slats and are nail together for a quick and cheap build. Mine are incorporated. This is the same company that did the fences for my uncle and my mom. They’re so wonderful.


Here’s the inside with Gable. He was quite excited himself with the whole thing. I allowed him to wander around by himself and he was busy inspecting and acclimating himself with the boundaries.


A look from the back of my house. My yard spans 2 neighbors yards. It’s big, I know, but you don’t realize it until you’re trying to lug trees and soil from the front to the back. My mom and I were planning out the landscaping and plants. We settled on forsythia plants (50% off!!!) because of their ability to grow huge and fast and pretty to help with the fences in the back being low, but notice that the 4 forsythia I planted (large plants in their own right)are no where near big enough or plentiful enough. In front of them are 2 apple trees. This yard is by far too big. From one apple tree to the next, the plan is to eventually have the whole area covered in mulch and plants. IMAGINE digging all that up. From lugging soil and plants to DIGGING the holes I was a physical wreck. The soil isn’t even soil; it’s compact clay. OMG. I have dug many many holes in my life (haha) in many different soils but this takes the cake.

Nonetheless I am so stoke about getting my hands in the soil again. It feels wonderful. All that pain = physical improvement and I’ve been craving it and craving it. Now I got it and I love it.

More to update later! I have Friday off so I will definitely be heading down down down!!


2 thoughts on “late update!

  1. Nice! It seems like everything is getting put together quite beautifully. It’s sort of been a small dream of mine to plant my own garden once I am able to. There’s something about cultivating plants and seeing them grow that appeals to me.


    1. My childhood home had a massive yard front and back so I have plentiful memories of digging with my hands and lying on grass and lugging soil and growing vegetables so its all very enjoyable and therapeutic. :)I I think everyone should experience serious gardening.


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