Day 2

SO. It has been a day and a half since the dun dun DUN moment when I rolled my ankle out, heard it pop and I went down with it, unable to put any sort of pressure on it, all but crawled home, cried because it was so painful, limped around and swore to go to the doctors this time it was so bad. Went to the doc yesterday and met with an RN, got xrays of the ankle. Couldn’t understand the radio tech, so I just went home thinking that she was just going to send it to the doc and I’d hear from someone. Today I woke up and there is marked improvement in the strength of my ankle. I can actually bear some weight on it! I hobble-walked Gable this morning and OMG it felt like I was in rehab for walking again or something (although I’m sure it is nothing like their pain and I’m just being a baby), but I made it!! And I was proud of myself even if Gable almost made me twist it again. Of course now that I’ve taxed it so much it is painful again. Took the med that I was prescribed and now I’m lying down because it’s making me sleepy.

This is twice I’ve had to skip out of work a week for a bodily injury. It makes you stop and wonder why, you know? Is there something  need to do? To think about? Some life changing mindset? I know for a fact that MUST start getting my body back into shape. It’s imperative now and for the long run. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been becoming extremely complacent in everyday tasks. My room’s a mess, the bathroom’s a mess…I’ve become a slob with no real motivation to do anything at all. THat and I’ve been using loads of money which ironically I won’t be making any of this week. IN the same vein I think that it’s time for me to go to the doctor and have an official physical done. It has been way too long and I’ve been talking about it, but making no move to do so. Now, I’m in the system and the next logical step would be to just do it and go.

With all the threat of nukes in the world, I’ve been thinking seriously about my readiness for death if something ever happened. I have everything I could ever want: my family, my greyhound baby, my house, my car. My life’s goals have pretty much been fulfilled. THe only ones remaining are wildlife rehab, and finishing up project aowam. My spiritual soul could use some help, however. Must work on that.

Gable just dropped a stinkbomb. DUDE.

sleeeeeeepy….I think I might actually take a nap today.


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