The word “home” for me relates to the place I spend most of my time. While my own home is 50miles south, when I say “come home” I mean here where I am now. My house is usually referred to as “my house” or the “ivy spring.” Then when I’m down there, I refer to up here as “the Gresham.” It gets all confusing after a while. It’s interesting: during the week I think daily of my house. While down there and arriving back up here, I think of how cozy it is to be back. So this past weekend we did not travel down. I found myself missing my house last week, more and more as Friday approached. The smell, the brightness, the feel of the carpet…everything. I went down on Saturday by myself (much to the chagrin of Gable who was freaking out big time because he knows what packing up my car means) because I’d forgotten that we weren’t going to be there and scheduled a patio estimate for 1pm. I was dreading how late it was going to be but miraculously the guy called at 10 while I was driving and asked if we could move the time to 11:30. I was like heck yeah, by all means. So he comes in and does his whole salesman thing (I’ve had so many the last month) and voila I bought myself a patio. Daggumit. It’s SO EXPENSIVE. I am unbelievably poor. No more salesmen are allowed at my house because I’ll just get suckered in. Haha. The reasoning behind it for me is, why can’t I enjoy the patio and fence together? That way I can actually use the kitchen door and let Gable out that way. Otherwise if I waited for money to cool down, I’d be waiting all the way until the end of the year which is just too much for letting him in and out at night to go wee. Now it has me all worried about that week I wanted to take off to just go down there and exist. Myabe I can modify it to Thursday-Sunday. Or even Wed. That way traffic isn’t too bad going down during the day and I’ll at least get paid for a day’s worth. I think I’ve taken all my special-leave days from when my house was being closed on.

Money money money. If it’s not hounding us one way, it is another. Just tried to pay all my bills before I get hit with too many at once and be unable to pay for the mortgage this money. This makes me happy that I got my car out of the way and Gable’s going to the vet on Monday for his overdue vaccines. Funny thing is that I’m still randomly buying things. I have extra money on amazon hanging around, but I’m saving that for whatever else I need, I used my cc’s cashback to get a Lowe’s giftcard because I will be spending TIME there. Even with the fence up, I’ll prob be spending a fortune on mulch and plants because it is imperative that the plants blocking my back neighbor’s fence go up to help block Gable from the temptation of jumping over. Large yards are awesome, but OMG the upkeep! I’m hoping that this first year as a homeowner is where most of the money will be spent because I can’t keep this up for more years! Now I know why everyone’s always asking “so what’s your next project for your house?” The question is whether it will ever be enough! I already want much! Now it’s a waiting game to hear back from the HOA. I’m almost dreading their answer not just for the yes or no, but because it means I have to start paying things.

Easter stuff! Not much happened besides I played lots of video games, cleaned up and fertilized the yard (GREAT to get out there again!), vacuumed the house, did some laundry that I didn’t fold yet, and had my grandparents meet my sister’s fiancĂ©. Everyone had the privilege of experiencing my wonderful driving skills. :D

Darn. I have to go to work now. bleeeeh.


One thought on “Home

  1. Home for me is and forever will be my house in NoVA until I get my own place. Even though I spend more time down in Richmond, it just feels weird to refer to my current living space as “home” even though it is a house.


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