Car serviiicing

I am currently waiting for my car to be done at the car shop. I took the shuttle back home because everyone was there apparently and the wait for a state and emissions inspection plus oil change was 1.5 hours. I’m using VA Tire and Auto this time…the first time I’ve ever used a non-dealer auto company. I called in for an appointment and they told me I should just come on in. Really!? Pleasant surprise. I must say that working hygiene has given me ample experience making small talk with people. Being in a car with 4 strangers can be awkward. Over the course of my job, one subject that seems to be a hit no matter what: pets. Especially dogs.

Wow. I’m watching my new favorite TV show (Who the BLEEP did I marry?!) and I couldn’t believe that its about John. A. Muhammad the DC Sniper!! I never heard the other side of the story, only the media part of it. The wife is telling the story and how he was sent home from Iraq after only 3 months and how he suffered from PTSD and then abducted her 3 kids, changing their names and taking them to Antigua, came bac to the US where they arrested him after finding out the kids’ real names, he would stalk her and watch her when she was sleeping, told her he would kill her, court awarded custody to the wife and he was so angry, so they fled in fear of revenge to Maryland, and then the Sniper incident started. Turns out, they suspect that Muhammad and Malvo went on the killing spree in order to kill her make it look like it was a random killing so that he could sweep in and pretend to be the grieving father. It was all about revenge on the wife.

VIDEO GAMES. I HAVE SO MANY NOW. I CAN’T PLAY THEM ALL. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, Lego City Undercover. Wut WUUUT.

In an awesomeness note, Ann sent me the coolest presents EVER. I can’t tell you how amazing that drawing of Samus is. I am so having it framed and put up in my room in my new house. Also, the buttons are adorable and the cell phone hangie of Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia is AMAZING. I’ve been thinking of how cool it would be to head to a con one of these days again. I’d have to go by myself tho because no one would want to come with me. haha. I’ve always wanted to cosplay but I never did get around to learning how to sew. THANK YOU ANN.

What with the snow and Spring Break this week, traffic is amazingly light (which is why I was surprised at the volume at the car place). Speaking of snow, the snow was astoundingly gorgeous this morning! 3-4inches of fluffy, crunchy snow. Beautiful.

I sooo can not multitask. Blogging and watching TV is so difficult for me. I now have a headache.


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