Here at my house!


We’ve been here for 3 weekends and this is the first weekend that we’ve been here long enough and unharried enough for me to find time to update my blog. Yaaaaaaaay. Hellooooo world, from Stafford county VA!

Quite unlike last weekend which was filled with servicemen and deliveries and running around and freaking out dogs, the only stressful thing this time was my sister coming. It’s nice to be able to treat this place like what it was meant to be: my house and not a zoo. This go-round we got the airbed thing figured out, my floor “futon” has been improved, enough blankets, there’s a TV with service, internet availability, floor cushions, a dining table, and lamps! OH an the thermostat problem has been fixed. Gable didn’t freak out this time, although he did get up an extra 2 hours early to annoy people. Remember how last time he had to be in the room with my mom? I think he’s ready for being in the hall by himself because my mom said that he was lying on the floor right outside her room even when his bed was in it. Moreover, the morning Gable walk wasn’t so creepy because I’m finally able to come to grips with the lack of traffic in the background. It was so disconcerting to take him on a walk with practically NO cars driving around in the tranquility of the suburbs. CRAZY.

He is currently in some REM and twitching with his eyes open. Speaking of creepy.

I have a serious spelling problem these days. It’s embarrassing.

I can’t wait to be able to take a random week off work to be able to come down and enjoy my house. We’re treating it like it’s a weekend retreat because it’s so quiet here! Ironically we ventured down to central park and spotsy towne centre and my mom vowed that she will never drive down there willingly by herself. It is just as twisty, turny, crowded, confusing as I remember it. Ugh. It’s amazing how much has changed in the 5 years I’ve been away, and just as amazing what I remember.

My family and I were discussing how much things here are just like what we want: bigger, slower, nicer, wider. And then we (and by that I mean me and maybe my brother) realize how much of the north has seeped into our systems. So while I crave the south, I’ve become accustomed to northern ways as well. Fredericksburg offers the best of both worlds I think. It’s certainly a good segue if we ever wanted to go further south. What I really need to try hard to get rid of is my driving habits. The speed and clipped way of the north (or more accurately more urban areas) clashed with the more laid back manner of the south. Even shopping carts and wandering around a store! I was taken aback today by a woman who was pushing her cart so I stopped because she was going to beat me, and she turned around and apologized for getting in my way! It was appalling that someone would apologize for something so trivial! I’d all but forgotten. People stop for you to cross the street here, they let you go if they see you waiting. That’s not to say it’s true for everyone, but even if just one person does it, it impresses me to no end. The problem is remembering to do the same. haha. On the other hand, I’m used to sitting in traffic in the north, so sitting in a little bit of it doesn’t faze me, but to those who aren’t accustomed it can be very frustrating and infuriating.

Spent some time shopping, played video games! With my brother! We haven’t done that together in so long! I feel like the openness of the house allows for it. You don’t feel so cramped, the lighting is wonderful.

The plan is to get back early tomorrow to 1) beat traffic and 2) allow time for the Sunday things to happen (ie video games, laundry, mom going to work). I feel like with all the up and down, that we don’t have time to just enjoy a weekend (though that’s why we voted to drive down on Friday which, btw wasn’t bad at all even in the dark and driving by myself).

My sister was busily planning for her wedding and wanting our ideas and approval for certain things. She’s very excited and I have yet to even start my part of the process. Ooops.

OKies, nighty time! :p Going for a normal Saturday wind-down tonight.


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