What was my last post??

I can’t even remember. Um. So I guess I’ll update about the week? OR I can just open a new tab and read my blog!!! YAY. OK, so nothing about the new house. Then let’s backtrack to last weekend. We wandered down after some bickering about how to fit everyone and everything in my car (dog included) and ended up being about 15 minutes late since we were going to meet my sister there. So excited. My brother ran in first (of course) and then the rest of us piled in. Gable was beside himself and ran to every single window to get his bearings and admire the view as I was touring him on the house to make sure he knew not to pee anywhere. It was dicey with him because he had JUST gotten over several day’s worth of urine issues (again), but thankfully it all cleared up right before having to go down there. My brother was a little disappointed in how small his room was, but I told him he pretty much had the basement. I only require an elliptical and my total gym to be down there.

So then started the bickering process with my mom, brother and sister about how to hang the curtains and the curtains and how blah blah blah, so I took the opportunity to go take pictures of everything. OF COURSE my camera’s memory card  was still in my laptop, so I had to use my mom’s camera which I don’t like nearly as much. Still got the job done. They’re all up on photobucket which I’ve decided annoys me because I”ve been having upload and viewing issues. I think I may need to find another photo site. I’ve been using photobucket for so long (waaaaay back since UMW) but it has time and time again disappointed me. I’ll post the straight up picture here. Hopefully I’ll remember. Then we left my brother to put up the hardware while the women ran off to Target to look for clearance curtains. Ended up grabbing 2 barstools for the island too as well as some Chick-fil-a for lunch which everyone except my brother had on the floor. Now that the initial and secondary wowness is over for me, I can finally see the house in a realistic light. The open concept of the plan is wonderful for the illusion of space, but there’s no doubt that the house is only the 1966 sqft it is. THe yard still amazes me, however.


So after not wanting to leave, spending all sorts of money on stuff for it, trudging back to work, not working on Wed for SNOOOOOOW, then coming back yesterday (blech), today is FRIDAY and I will be trucking down early tomorrow morning for a busy busy day of waiting for delivery of washer/dryer, fence guy, and waiting for the cox guy. SO EXCITED because I’ll be staying the night this time!!!

Don’t forget to turn forward the clocks on Sunday!!! I am actually ready for this believe it or not.


2 thoughts on “What was my last post??

  1. Looks great! I think my favorite part of moving into a new place is the nesting process. I just love setting everything up. Have you tried imgur for uploading photos? I also used to use photobucket but have sinced moved on to imgur. It’s one of the most straightforward image hosting services I have ever used.


    1. Hmmm I’ve actually never heard of it! Will def give it a try. Thanks for the heads us. And yes nesting is a wonderful word to describe it all. Haha


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