I guess I should update

What with THE DAY getting so close. These past 2 weekends have really been something. I’ve taken so much time off work for this, so it better be good! I was planning on using this paycheck for the bills I’ve been neglecting trying to pay for all charges. I AM SO POOR it is NOT funny. I haven’t even factored in the utilities costs yet. uuuugh. To anyone wishing to buy a new home: You better have some mad cash on hand. Earnest money deposit, down payment, closing costs, utilities, insurance, loan fees, you name it I gotta pay it. I’m really hoping that I have enough in the bank account for this. I am SO GLAD that I own my car.

With that said, the loan part seemed to have gone well. At least on my part I have nothing to do but wait. Wires have been ordered, papers signed, walkthrough scheduled, closing date and time set (barring any lending issues), utilities transferred, trashcans ordered, etc. How they heck I’m going to afford a fence/patio/washing/drying machines are beyond me at this point. I WILL NEVER BE FREE OF WORRRRRK. I keep buying lotto tickets as if it will solve everything, but I know the Altissimus won’t make it so easy on me. Why does everyone else have to work for it and I would win the lotto and have everything set for me? I’m lazy enough and fortunate enough as it is. At least the VA Lottery helps public schools.

My desk and the ground around it is littered with papers. I have yet to do 2012 taxes (MORE things to pay for) as well as the CE credits and license renewal (Yet ANOTHER payment). Thank goodness I’m not in the ADHA anymore. $245 a year and for what???

I’ve been sitting on my butt in front of this computer for 2 weeks now waiting for emails and phone calls. It’s boring and leg-cramping, but at least I’ve been able to finish Assassin’s Creed II while I was at it. The game seeks to mess with your brain and tell you that everything that we know and follow and accept in this life is wrong and yet right. “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted” is the creed of the Assassin’s. For weaker minds I guess it would convince them that this game is reality, so that’s why they have to put a disclaimer right at the beginning that says “this is a work of fiction and a group of diverse beliefs and religions have worked together to create it.” Or something to that effect. Actually the whole concept of weak minds is prevalent in the game too. The first game is still the best, but this is pretty good too. Now that I’ve finished half of Assassin’s Creed III before playing I and II, I can now go back and replay and actually understand how and what is going on. Exciting. And yet not because I will never be free of the need to know more of the game!!

In other news I am reading a book. A physical book. Not digital, but a living, breathing book at the SMELLS like a book. Ahhh. Can’t go wrong with no batteries, no screen. I’m reading the first of the Knight and Rogue series: The Last Knight by Hilari Bell. This is the type of book I want: fantasy, knights, magic. I love video games because they are interactive books essentially (at least to the people who like and appreciate the stories embedded in them) that encourage brain to hand function. However, books allow the brain to wander, wonder, and create a world in and of its own. This is why I dislike movies the most of the 3. I have no control over it. I sit there and watch and become immersed, even empathize heavily with characters, but I’m physically doing nothing because the movie tells me exactly what’s going to happen. Video games effectively do the same thing, but I’m physically moving the character through it, I’m reacting to the situations and fights and I can even break from the plotline to fulfill sidequests or do it wrong and die. Possibilities are plentiful!  Books are the brain’s playground. Characters can look however I want, scenes can as well, I can wonder about the future because I have to read to find out. That in turn exercises the creative side of my brain and allows me to create my own stories!!! Movies never do that for me. Video games do, but not like books. Books always encourage me to go out and create something myself!

OK I am so hungry!!! I should be so stoked for Thursday and I have actually allowed myself to have moments of pure joy just thinking about my own house, my own blank slate, but I hold everything inside until it is done and official. You will know the details then and not before. :)



2 thoughts on “I guess I should update

  1. It’s been forever since I last read a physical book that wasn’t a textbook. I guess visual novels don’t really count either. When I do find a good book, it’s totally satisfying to become immersed in it. But when it’s over, I find myself really depressed because the thing I’ve been so engrossed in has finally ended. Does that ever happen to you?
    I’m glad the house business seems to be going well!


    1. Absolutely. That is the exact reason why I’ve left a long trail of trilogies, series, video games, manga, etc behind me unfinished. If I finish it, the magic will end and I don’t want it to. :( Apparently that desire for it not to end overpowers the need to know how a story ends. The only time I finish every book, game or movie is when I REALLY REALLY want to know how it ends. But then, when it’s over, it’s on to the next one!!!


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