Felix Dies Mihi!!

Today is the day that marks the 26th year I’ve taken a breath in this life. Officially, it won’t be until 2:02pm, but any time my birthday comes up is a sobering reminder that I almost killed my mom making my life debut. To compound that, she is contributing heavily to try and make this house thing come to fruition. I won’t disclose more information than this until it closes successfully, but the street number for my potential house is 20. 20 for my birthday, my mom’s birthday and Gable’s birthday. Is that scary or what? I joke sometimes about throwing her in a nursing home one of these days, but if it ever came to that, there is no way in heaven or hell I would forsake her if there was an ounce of strength left in me.

So what’s it like at 26? Haha. OH yeah, remind me to take a picture of my hands today! Chronicling my hands over the years. I ask myself the same thing every birthday. Nothing really feels different. I know that I’m older and I physically am older (I can feel it, sadly) but at least I don’t feel like I should go blow my savings on a Ferrari. Except that I’m blowing my savings and signing my life away to the mortgage company. Huh. Maybe I AM having a quarter-life crisis.

I work today, bc I didn’t yesterday for house junk for which I have been STRESSED out about. I can’t imagine what it would be like if we closed normally. I actually think it’d be worse for me. After yesterday and finally hearing from the lender and the title company and getting a couple things straight I definitely feel better about how things are moving. The last and biggest hurdle for us is getting that money to the title company and me being able to afford the rest of the settlement costs on my own. With a certified check apparently. I gave myself an ulcer yesterday (literally) just worrying the heck out of everything. The last time I suffered ulcers were when I was still in school. Ugh. Next Thursday can’t come fast enough for me.


2 thoughts on “Felix Dies Mihi!!

  1. happy birthday!! btw, i got some stuff for you at katsucon but i’m still waiting for one of the items. i will be asking for your address later!


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