I am SO ON EDGE right now mixed in there with utter excitement, but with my personality and the gravity of the situation, anxiousness is the foremost emotion.

Explaining myself: Remember I was going to take my mom to come with me and look at houses with my realtor on Saturday? Yeppp. I bought me a house. Or at least signed a contract to do so. The weird part about this whole process is that they’re trying to close in 2 weeks. Normally they wait until the next month if it’s after the 15th, but that was the 16th and they reaaaaally wanted that house to close. The worst is that this is February and it ends on the 28th. Not even 15 days. I am SO worried because today’s a holiday and we close next Thursday and since my mom is gifting me the downpayment it makes things just a little more complicated. So, that means no pictures, no promises, no nothing until it closes. I haven’t really been able to sleep the last 2 nights, my mind has been just roiling, going through all the scenarios while I sleep Worst case scenario is that something bad happens and I lose the $2,000 earnest money deposit. At this point the absolute most worrisome part is the downpayment and getting it there on time and documented properly because of the express time frame. There are just too many up-in-the-airs right now!!! Lenders usually neeed all of the 30 days to get everything done which is why this whole thing has me really on edge. That’s how it happened with my mom when we did this. It took them all of the 30 days. Getting the lenders, the title company, all of my crap coordinated to meet the closing deadline is just CRAZY.

No hope up, got it? Although my immediate family (the only ones who know about this) are all excited about this. We’re already planning where to put things which is what I didn’t want to do to jinx the whole situation!!!

AHHHHHHHH. I played the new Fire Emblem on 3DS yesterday all day to help ease my anxiety. It did wonders. I love video games.


2 thoughts on “whirrrrlwind

    1. Yeah. It’s a brand new home that someone had had built, but her finances fell through twice so they’re trying to get rid of it as soon as possible. Lots of incentives and a great deal. Working through the processes now


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