Happy New Year!!!

Although technically Sunday the 10th was officially the New Year, the celebration lasts a very long time. The first 3 days are the most significant so I can safely still wish everyone the best of luck, prosperity, fortune, auspiciousness, etc. This is the year of the snake (Quy Ty). Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!

I hadn’t realized that my last update was waaay back on Friday! So much has happened between then and today and I feel like I’ve been at it for a month! It’s nice to have a 4-day weekend, but it’s saddening that this felt like a 2-day weekend. Now you know why I don’t like to stay very busy. Life just goes by extra fast when you are. I don’t know if I have time to sit here and update all of it in one go.

So Friday’s meeting with the realtor was splendid. After a harrowing, yet thrilling experience on the road (I was driving WAY too fast and the exit coming into Fredericksburg was particularly heart-attack-inducing) that shows exactly how out of highway practice I am, the realtor took me on a tour of 2 of the houses on my list. Only 2 darnit because there were issues with the other couple. It’s crazy that since the market is down people are jumping up and snatching everything away! I’ve put low-pressure and no time limit on the search, but it makes me anxious that that “perfect house” is going to get away from me if I don’t act fast. Even between the tours and today the monster list of houses I’d compiled have already been slashed by 75%. It’s only been 2 days!! argh. I’m afraid that the interest rates will rise and the house prices will go up. :(

Darn I have no more time. I will try to update again tonight! To be continued!!


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