Heeey I can’t believe it’s already 3pm. I’ve been working CorelDraw and Photo/Paint all day. Yep, I’ve finally decided to sit down and mess around with it. OMG. I almost pee myself it’s so cool. My first shot at it was an actual RW strip. No idea what I was doing, but it’s like GIMP and Artweaver all in one, so I pulled on my limited knowledge and voila. Still not happy with it, I decided to delve a little further and I’d like to post the coolness of the results of what I figured out. Here they are:

Will lounge Will lounge bit  Will lounge bit smooth

That’s pencil, to bitmap, to vector image. They’re large files, so I probably should have cropped them a little. You’d have to zoom in to see the real quality behind it. It’s just amazing to me.popo color well Popo vector color

Now take these 2. For the longest time I was crazy proud of the one on the left because it was the best I could manage under what I knew and tried to find out. Only 10 minutes in, I got the result on the right: crisp lines and painless. I am SO happy that I got this graphics system. I’m serious. The happiness is out the wazoo.

Also about happiness is that my brother built me a new computer. I needed a desktop computer that would fit in the little space I have on my desk and he chose this neato box-like case. Much better specs than before, I can finally play my Assassin’s Creed II. On the old desktop the game was lagging so very badly and the characters would finish speaking long before the pictures did. Not to mention the pixelated graphics. At first I was very disappointed because Assassin’s Creed 1 seemed to have much better graphics!! Playing it on my new computer with a much updated graphics card is like night and day. OMG it actually looks like Assassin’s Creed III on the Wii U! HD graphics! They talk on par with the graphics and I’m not falling off the roofs anymore! I logged in 8 hours and 14 minutes as Uplay cheerfully informed me. Unbelievable. This weekend I scored Home and Landscape Design on clearance at Staples. I haven’t installed it yet, but it lets you design a house from the foundation up and it also allows you to use a picture of a house to plan like a deck, say, for it. Letting that one sit for a bit while I enjoy the heck out of Corel and ACII.

Not working today and not working Friday! Less pay for me, but it’s a much-desired break. Interestingly I feel as if I’m supposed to be working today (S and Q are). Hmm what else…I finally replied to the new realtor that our realtor suggested fort he Fredericksburg area. I don’t know if I mentioned or not, but we’ve decided to go ahead and look for a house in Fredericksburg. I’m feeling that it’s time to go, but we’re doing it low key and no pressure because it will be under my name. That’s right: I’m buying a house. Property virgin!!! The idea is to score a house while I continue to work the job I have now, and visit it on the weekends and stuff. My mom will help me with the down payment, and eventually what we’ll do is that my mom and I will move down there first while my brother lives up here by himself for work/school whatev (I think it’ll be great for him to be able to fend for himself a little). Then when able to or necessary we’ll sell the townhouse here and he’ll either move back with us or grab an apartment. With my current salary I don’t think the mortgage will be too bad, but the eventual idea is to segue into a job down there, hence the need for my mom. The other option was for me to land a smaller house (like 3 bed 2 bath) and be able to handle everything myself (because no matter what, it’s time for me to go), but for the long run involving grandparents and such it was better to go this route (not to mention I like the extra financial support). We all want to move back south a bit, and I honestly want my mom with me. Asians take care of their parents, you know? Even if the jobs down south don’t pay as much as up here, I’ll always make more money than she will with my job. #1 goal for me is: a yard for my dog. This ploy also sets us up 1) to not have to be pestered by family things as much ( I suck, I know), 2) lessens the distance between Richmond and us for my sister’s wedding, and 3) I think she wants to move to the Fredericksburg area eventually anyways. A plus is that my Subaru dealer is in Fredericksburg.

I made homemade orange juice today. :)


2 thoughts on “Corellll

    1. Yesssss. For years I wanted so badly to do that but i could never figure out the freeware ones. For some reason i got it no problem on corel. Maybe im just dumb. Either way Im glad i can do it now and hoping that I can manage to learn more


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