It is FREAKIN’ COOOOOLD outside!!! Funny how last weekend was up in the high 60’s and now it’s in the teens. This morning the thermometer read 13 degrees Fahrenheit. WUUUT. I loaded up myself wearing my brand new snow/ski pants from Christmas and put on Gable’s snow coat and we wandered out. OMG it was cold, but my pants were super warm. My legs were probably the warmest part of me this morning. My 3-in-1 stormchaser coat from LLBean actually didn’t keep all the cold away! I could feel it creeping past onto my back! Figures that the new parka I ordered from LLBean hasn’t arrived yet…it’ll prob get here today or tomorrow. I WANT SNOW. :( *grump grump grump* Apparently they’re calling for straight up snow on Friday, but seeing as how the weathermen have been consistently wrong about forecasts of rain/snow/warmth within a 24 hour period, I’lllll believe it when I see it.

Gable turned 5 on Sunday! I have pictures but I’m too warm to get out of bed and get my camera. My gosh I have a backlog of pictures to upload onto this blog. Maybe I’ll do it all at once in one post, haha. He was having pee issues again, but thankfully today he seems to be back to normal. Thank goodness for Nature’s Miracle. I would recommend the red bottle ADvanced to anyone who needs to use it. For his birthday my mom and I took him on a groupwalk at the Manassas Battlefield Park. He was SO happy and content for the rest of the day. Whenever he’s happy his fur gets very soft. ^__^ That’s the best present I could ever give him. Besides a large fenced in backyard. We had icecream cake, a fruit tart, and he got a bunch of treats and a new toy. My middle-aged maaan.

I unbelievably spent loads of time cleaning up yesterday. 4 loads of laundry, cleared out the pantry (to my mom’s chagrin), stained the crèche (going to be another week on that it seems), took down the xmas lights and put away the boxes, cleaned up lots of dog pee, cleaned my room, and made dinner. And also rid the Holy Land of some corrupt bigwigs. (Assassin’s Creed for PC). Funny how with all the time I have on weekends I still can’t find time to sketch, ink, and color RW that have already been thought up. I think I’m still afraid of messing with CorelDraw. baaah.

Waiting for World Market to give me a call because I have a raincheck for a 6 drawer dresser that matches my 3-drawer chest of drawers. I figured out why you prolly shouldn’t wait to do all laundry in one go: I don’t have enough space for every article of clothing!!! How saddening.

Dang. I have to go to work. >_<


2 thoughts on “Brrrrrr

  1. I really hate cold weather. It makes me want to stay in bed under my warm covers all day and not have to bike to class. I do have a North Face jacket that does wonders in keeping out cold air. Even though it doesn’t look like much, the insulation on it is excellent. Biggest investment I’ve ever made on a jacket, but totally worth it.

    And happy birthday to Gable!


    1. Haha I actually like cold weather. Not a big fan of scorching heat. I’ve always wondered about those coats. They always seemed a fad to me, but then I’d never tried them personally. My LLBean coat didn’t come yet!! Need to go check on the status.


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