I noticed that because I don’t work until 10, I have been extremely lazy about getting up lately. Maybe the Monday’s off don’t help either. I used to get up no matter what around 5:30 and the latest, 6. It felt good to seize the day. Nowadays, my body still wakes up around the same time (and so does the dog), but I just go back to sleep until about 7. No one is going to tell me that I’m lazy for doing that, but I do feel lazy. I guess the solution is to just get up early anyways (what a great time to workout!). I haven’t had to force myself to get up in ages. I don’t even set my alarm clock anymore! I feel like laziness is exponential, like kudzu. Once is grabs hold of the ground in certain place, it just keep creeping forward to grab hold of anything else until the object is completely overwhelmed and dies. I mean, I’ve been averaging 9 hours of sleep lately!! Usually any more than 7-8 hours works against your brain. It’s easy to say, “then just get up earlier,” but tell my body that at 6 in the morning.

I had a nice weekend. It was just a usual one. Nothing extra special except that my brother and I shared a bit of bonding time Saturday night which was fun. Went out with the co-workers on Friday and racked up almost $200 on the boss’ credit card. Loads of fun, btw. I haven’t done anything social in such a long time. I’ve forgotten how energized it makes you feel…like working out except more happy. Social activities are truly essential for a healthy life. It’s nice because even if I don’t drink alcohol it didn’t really make a difference. I ate SO MUCH food!!! We went to this Rio Grill place in Ballston. Remember that kudzu? ( OMG I was playing with my lip and now it’s bleeding everywhere profusely. took 5 minutes of pressure to stop…must have nicked a vein) it applies to fat-eating habits too. The rest of the weekend were fries, hamburgers, hotdogs. Finally got around to messing with CorelDraw which is TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS and for me for that matter. I experimented a little and it blew my mind so I couldn’t do it anymore. Looks like I’ll have to take it in small doses. I’ve been scared to try it for the exact reason that it’d be just way too cool for me to handle. The lines, the colors…it’s so…so…amazing. So instead, I backed everything up to my external harddrive and installed Assassin’s Creed 1 to the PC. I’ve stopped playing III because I want to know the backstory before I move on. Played a good 3 hours of that. SO MANY SIDEQUESTS AHHHHHHH. Actually got some chores done around the house which is nice too.

Still haven’t finished the crèche, and I forgot to make a birthday hat for Gable who is turning 5 this coming Sunday. I got him a bunch of treats, but I figure the best birthday present for him will be a walk, so we’re doing a group walk this coming weekend.

Still looking at houses!! The ones I’ve liked and have been following are all sold :( Yay (or not) for rainy days. Hopefully everyone will stay away…but they usually come in more often. The flu has kept several away. I’m feeling lazy hehe. The worst part about rain is the horrible traffic going home. Ugh. I packed extra food for the car.

Dang. Time for work. Poor Gable, my mom left early and came home late last night. Of all of us, if my mom’s not home he gets extremely worried. If I ever moved out, he’d be torn apart. Silly dog.


5 thoughts on “Time

  1. Ohh that CorelDraw seems amazing. If I wasn’t juggling too many activities at once, I would definitely paint and draw more. Glad you like it though! Happy early b-day to Gable.


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