You know, it’s funny that we call them errands, because it comes from the latin word -to wander. An error is wandering from what is correct. I guess when you run errands you wander around. haha.

Since Thanksgiving and through to New Year’s it has been a whirlwind of craziness. The schedules are all messed up and nothing is normal until now in the year TWENTY-THIRTEEN. Whoo. Gable has been suffering greatly from the lack of normalcy so he had decided to tame the chaos in his life by making himself top dog. I am in the process of bringing him back down to his place. In the same vein, I am also in the process of bringing myself back to my place in the normalcy of life. Resident Weirdo has been suffering of late, this blog has been suffering of late, and my body’s biorhythms have also been suffering of late.

Now that LG has been fired from work I can actually wander around work without having to avoid, or hide, or deliver the silent treatment. It’s quite nice. My friend asked me if that would make a difference in me quitting work in the next couple months, and my response was no, but it might delay it. Right now as the office (and my bank account), too, is still reeling from the holidays I am almost inclined to not quit. HOWEVER, I have a feeling that as the new year continues, I will wish to quit again. The reason I’m having second thoughts now is because suddenly I am afraid of the prospect of having to find a job and start a new job. The worn path is safe. Not only that but (not to brag or anything) I get paid rather nicely relatively speaking. It is extremely comfortable. My bosses are lenient and I like them. I also like my co-workers. I still have this overhanging feeling that something bad is about befall the practice–that it will become embroiled in turmoil. THat is the reason I don’t want to hang around. I know for a fact that the front desk lady is about to quit working in the next half year. She’s dropped hints on me. I am still a disgruntled employee, but then I think I will aways be a disgruntled employee. Always wanting more. Like the little mermaid.

I have recently been giving much thought to what exactly I want to do in the future. At first I was really thinking about teaching hygiene at the community college, and then I think I’ve decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea here in northern va? Now I am thinking about becoming a pharmacist. Pharmacy was always my most favorite subject in hygiene school. Taken at a grad school level, it was that much more cool. I am only sad that I missed several of the classes because of rotations. One of my favorite patients at work is one and was telling me that she really rather likes the job. I know that liking and doing are 2 different things. Becoming a pharmacy tech would be ideal, but it’s a sought after job around here. As it stands now I don’t think I’ve taken the pre-reqs to go to pharmacy school, so the plan would be to move to Fredericksburg, work, take the appropriate classes at Mary Wash, and then apply for VCU’s pharmacy school???? I dunno tentative plan. The only thing missing from the equation is the vital one: MONEEEEEEEY. Bleh.

OK I’m late. Til next time!


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