Officially xmas break!

Work called me yesterday after I swore that I’d come in Hell or high water on Friday to say that I might as well not come in because the hygiene schedules were so light for the holidays. My boss tried to apologize for being short with me on the phone, but I pretty much cut her off to say that I don’t really care. So it was with a happy heart in more ways than 1 that I woke up this morning. I was kind of glad for not having to work because I am still fighting this annoying cough that any little bit of allergens set off, as well as that there was non tension between boss and worker especially in light of the recent layoff. I swung on in, passed out gifts, wished everyone a merry Christmas and I was done! It’s a good feeling to know that I’m free for the holidays. Until next Thursday of course.

I don’t know how to tell them that I won’t be working for them much longer.

We delivered the computers to my grandparents last night, finally (in the rain, yes). Both of them were so happy it was a wonderful wonderful feeling. My mom is feeling bad about seeing them live by themselves. My grandpa looks weaker and older everytime we see him (though his pride is still strong) and my grandma’s eyesight just keeps getting worse and worse. SHe’s effectively blind. Knowing it and seeing it in person are two horses of a different color. My mom once more offered for them to come live with us. Apparently they’ve talked and decided that of all their kids, it’s my mom that will be the most compatible living with. That starts a whole host of new problems to consider, though. My mom and my grandpa butt heads like no other, for one, and I know for a fact that no matter how fine and dandy this all sounds on paper, having them live with us will be more irritating than we think–on different levels. I know we all lived to together over a year ago, but that was fraught with interesting bits. If it was just my grandma living with us, it wouldn’t be so bad, because she’s like a sponge and can adapt readily to just about anything. My grandpa is a totally different story. He likes what he likes. I told my mom that if they did both come live with us, we would really have to have an in-law suite, some place they can call their own and do their own tinkering and stuff. And no HOA.

To be honest, I reeeeeeeeally don’t think that this will happen in the near future because my grandpa will never want to leave his house. It’s nice to have that option, though, just in case he truly truly can not live by himself anymore.

In my own introspection, I don’t know if I particularly want to leave home, myself. I want to take care of my mom. It’d be kind of cool to have my own place, but it would have to be VERY close to my mom…like walking distance close. LIke, hey mom can I drop off Gable with you, bye, close.

I stupidly decided to wash all of my bedding right now so now I have no blankets. Smart. It’s 10pm too. uuuugh.

My sister is coming tomorrow and then it’ll be Christmas!!!! I’m excited!!!! :) :) It’ll be Gable’s first Christmas!!!


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