*hack sneeze cough snort*

Uuuuuuuuugh. What a terrible way to spend the weekend: sick. Not just sick from a cold, sick, but sinus sick. Saturday I was feeling not particularly healthy, but then it escalated by the end of the day to sinus involvement. I haven’t had to experience something like this in a LONG time, and frankly forgot how to deal with it. Doesn’t help when I didn’t have the right medications to guide me along. I took the only Sudafed I had on hand which was the 24 hour one and went to bed at 8. Big mistake. 24 hour Sudafed is just too powerful. I could not sleep a wink, my body’s muscles hurt, and my head was so bloated I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t walk, I almost fell over. And THEN I realized that I was deathly dehydrated and was in desperate need of electrolytes. Of course I realized this when I went to walk gable who had no idea what was wrong with me. I walked oh so slow…every step was torture. My muscles felt like they were going to cramp on me any minute. My breathing was labored, I felt like I was going to throw up. Similarly the rest of the day went like that. All I could do was lie in dark rooms with no sound anywhere and attempt to sleep which was impossible. Eating was pretty much impossible. It was torture of a different kind. The sad part was that the rest of me felt fine. No chest issues no real throat pain (except from post-nasal drip), but as soon as that head goes, blam. Couldn’t eat dinner. THen my mom (savior!!) came home with Sudafed 12 hour. TOok that, which bonked me out for a bit, but then I started feeling better. Went to sleep and actually slept. Woke up at 2 in the morning because I’d spent so long “sleeping” the day before that there was no reason to sleep. MY poor Gable didn’t know what was wrong with me all day yesterday. He kept following me everywhere I went, with those mournful eyes, all concerned. Good thing you can’t give dogs sicknesses.

Not going to work tomorrow. Ca you believe that I lost weight??? MAN. And the coughing really hurts my ab muscles. At least I’m not sick next week. We were going to deliver my grandparents’ computers this past weekend, but that did not happen. Old people are sicknesses do not mix well.

Darn. My head is finding it hard to concentrate much longer on this screen, so further updating will have to wait. again.


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