It seems that we wake up later and later these days. It’s 7;45!! I used to be downstairs eating breakfast by now and these days we don’t start eating breakfast until 8. Ah well. It doesn’t matter too much because I used to just hang around after breakfast and do nothing for 30 minutes, so what’s it matter?

In regards to my weight issue I’ve been hard at work avoiding snacks, avoiding fried foods and powerwalking. Those alone have made me feel better already. I’m still tortured by my figure in the mirror, but I can do things like squat without the overwhelming desire to sit, run up the stairs relatively easily (still working on the every 2 step run), and jog a little with Gable without undue fatigue. To further make myself feel bad I found a picture of myself home from college (2007ish) posing with a sports bra and basketball shorts. I’d post it, but it’s on the other computer. Oh to be 21 again. haha. It’s unrealistic that I’d look like that again, but my goal is attain 10-15lbs of weight loss. I want 2-3inches off the waist and some muscle tonality. I WILL lose that weight!!! Now I’m working on getting my mom and especially my brother to start making healthier decisions. Mom will be easier than my brother. The big influence is my sister’s upcoming wedding. We have another year to look nice for it.

Christmas gifting is at 98% completion. Mostly all bought, just waiting for the shipments. For me, my sister is the only one left, but I know what to get her now. Cousins: check, Mom: check, Brother: check, co-workers: check, Gable: double check. My sister is taking care of the aunts and uncles, and my grandparents are getting whoppers of presents: laptop for my grandma and a brand new powerful computer for the grandpa. And the best part of it all? The bank hasn’t been totally broken eventhough I’ve been in charge of all the cousin gifts.

That’s all the time I have left for now. Hopefully later I’ll be on again. I have such a backlog of online errands. I didn’t even get to play video games yesterday I was running around everywhere!!! Ahh!


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