Could not wake up again.

It has been about 2 weeks now that i have been unable to sleep properly. I have been sleeping, but fitfully and then exhausted during the day. That has never happened to me before and there is no real reason for it to happen now. I mean, I didn’t do anything last week…Almost did not get up this morning. Gable had to really go at it. For once I am glad that he did. And then when I got up I was stumbling around like a zombie for a good 2 minutes. What in the world is wrong with me? I did not work last wednesday because I felt very sick on Tuesday. Fever chills, day-long sore throat, achey body, coughing, chest tightness. But the next day it was very very mild. I still felt sickish for the next couple of days with lingering sore throat and random nausea. In fact at the moment the cough in my chest is still hanging around. Yesterday and today my chest feels funny. Really bad heartburn? I dunno.

I promise that I will do a real update at some point in the near future. Feeling that desperate, wallowing feeling again. >_< It is definitely time to stop working where I am now.

Play the va lotto everyone!!


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