I was gonna post

…as I have much to post about, but now after surfing the internet I have run out of time. This is one rare Monday that I actually work and of course I am exhausted. Almost didn’t wake up. Blasted clouds. This seems to be crunch week for us, although as it turns out it may be just my family and my sister’s fiancé. I was hoping my grandparents would be good distractions otherwise we’ll have to actually talk to him. hahahahhaha. We’ve delegated my brother to entertaining him on the Xbox. I WUZ going to have some great games for the Wii U, but I ended up buying them off amazon and now they’re taking FOREVER to ship. I hate shipping. GAH. OK, so next update I have plans to discuss: Wii U, Windows 8, sofa!! Among other things. And more than likely I’ll forget and just type whatever.


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