Thar she blows AGAIN.

Soooo after a long hiatus with nothing particularly special happening, LG rises up again. Just when I was getting comfortable seeing her at work and being there, she starts up again. Maybe it IS because I was starting to feel comfortable enough to talk to her again. Anyways yesterday she starts off the downward spiral by saying, “I don’t know too many people that I don’t know what to say things around, but you’re one of them.” I play this off and leave to clean my room. She follows me and asks, “Is it just me or do you do this to everyone?” I respond with “I enjoy making people feel awkward.” And her response: “No no, you’re not THAT good.” Alarm bells start ringing in my head, but nothing happens again for a while because it gets busy. Later she finds me again and starts asking me what I’m doing on the weekend, I say something vague as usual, and she asks, “Maybe you’d like to come over to my place, hang out, sleep together…” OMG. Here we go. This is not the first time she’s said this to me, but I start getting mad. So I move to leave again and she goes, “Was that inappropriate, that was inappropriate wasn’t it?” It’s not like she doesn’t know it’s stupid to ask, she does because she tries to get in my craw. Then she is unrelenting. She asks AGAIN later, what I’m doing after work. I say, “Go home…” and just ignore her. THen she asks if I want to clean her teeth. I do not. I guess it should be clarified that it really started yesterday when she followed me into the break room when I went to eat my food (really bad sign) and starts asking me about what exactly I do on the weekends at home and for fun. I don’t understand why this line of questioning is so damn important. I say, “eat, sleep, breathe.” And leave it at that. I think she thinks it’s hilarious. My hair is particularly long now and she made it known that she likes short hair. So, I guess she’s saying, get your hair cut. Why does my hair matter.

So the ringer here is, “sleep together.” As I’ve mentioned before, this is not the first time she’s said it, but it means to me that this is still ongoing. Everytime I get comfortable with things something like this pops up, you know? It makes me wonder, what goes on in her head, late at night when she’s got nothing else to think about. It actually extremely creepy and disgusting to ponder. Uuuuuugh. Here goes some more hiding at work by me. This is the reason I’d prefer it to be busy for her at work so she doesn’t have time to corner me.


2 thoughts on “Thar she blows AGAIN.

  1. Have you ever just flat out said “Sorry, but I’m not interested?” Maybe the reason why she’s so persistent is because she thinks there’s hope. And the sleeping together part is just a tad creepy.


    1. I have said no countless times. You’d think that NO NO NO I do not want to do anything with you means GO AWAY. LIke, FIRM No’s too. Not just, sorrrrry noooo, but “Big-time No.” I think she’s the type of person who always thinks there’s hope. She stopped bothering me for at least 2 months!! Right? maybe 1.5? either way it was nice.


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