Maybe I exaggerated a bit on facebook

I’m actually not bedridden. It just feels infinitely better to lie down than to sit…which is ironic that I chose to get on the desktop instead of the laptop. I think I’m just tired of being on my back, something I never thought I’d say.

So, what’s the scoop? Well, I’d been fighting a sort of chronic pain for the last 3ish weeks. My previous posts explored the various reasons of why I think the pain was present. I say ‘was’ because that pain has all but disappeared. It took some serious managing on my part, but this past weekend was relatively pain free. That is the exact reason this new pain arose. Yesterday I decided to take Gable on a journey because he hadn’t been on one in about 3-4 weeks (hmmm…). I was feeling good…really good…so I forgot. My car’s trunk is high and Gable for some reason refuses to get in by himself no matter how tall or short a car is, so I bent down to hoist him in like I usually do. As soon I did it, I felt my back go and the intense sharp pain. I would say even a crack, but I can’t exactly remember that, so maybe not. It was bad. I got in the car anyways and went, but the entireity of the walk was overshadowed by the immense pain. Each step, each pull, each root and uneven terrain I stepped on meant shooting lower back pain. The trek seemed to go on for eternity before I decided to turn back. Thankfully Gable was suitably tired and when we got to the car I was able to hoist him up awkwardly, but not in any more painful way. The rest of the day was spent lying down. I had meant to do all sorts of physical-type things, but no dice. My already weak back ruined by my carelessness and my dog.

SLeeping last night was actually quite a bit more tolerable than the last 3 weeks and I woke to no real problems. I neglected to mention that I did some online searching and performed exercises and stretches the night before. I was quite happy and hopeful that I just sort of hurt myself a little. I could roll out of bed fine, I walked fine, similar and even better than the past few weeks. The morning was uneventful, and I got dressed to go to work. I decided that I would take the next 2 days off of work to reduce the irritation on my back abd give it time to mend. Got in my car, navigated around the construction and then, it started to hurt. LIke HURT. Only a few seconds in and I realized that I could not sit. I was shocked. This new pain is nothing like the old pain. It is hte opposite!!!! I lasted the last couple of weeks because it only bothered me intensely when I was sleeping or if I tried to bend forward too far. This time I need lie down and sitting aggravates it. Not good for work. At all. I get to work and explain and they all felt sorry for me and rush in a temp.

Sooooo I spent the whole day today lying down. Which brings me back to the beginning of the post where I mentioned being tired of lying down. Which I am, but it is the most comfortable. After lying around for a few hours My back felt tame. It felt fine. Only when I tried to sit up and sit down (even for dinner or on the couch) did it flare up. Lower back, deep middle. I know what you’re thinking: go to the doctor!!! But that’s the thing! I know they’re going to want me to get tests and xrays and see a physical therapist and maybe an Rx for pain meds or even go see a chiropractor. Taking these 3 days off means a blow to my paycheck. I don’t need more bills!! Especially since our insurance is nothing like it used to when my mom had similar issues.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now the dog wants a walk and my brother is nowhere to be found. Traffic is my guess. Ugh. I guess I need to walk him. Wonderful news. He is currently throwing a tantrum on the floor. It makes me giggle. So hard to be stern with him sometimes.

2 more days of moping.


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