I am never online anymore?

Welcome to the world of mobile stuff…that I never wanted to join but am. Darnit all. I try to make it a point to get on my desktop or laptop often because I HATE ALL MOBILE STUFF. Which is why I use it. Often.

My dog is on food strike again. I had to come to work early today because Hygienist S’s son is sick again. I am now very tired because I keep waking up between 4 and 5:30am. I am not supposed to be up until 6:15am. Gable is roaching and I think he wants to eat. He went on strike this morning because I left for work early and now my mom is at her class and he doesn’t like that either. *sigh* this boy…

I set up a CD account with Nationwide becasuse they have fantastic interest rates. Now I can’t figure out how to transfer money into the account.

I need to shave my legs. I guess. No one ever sees besides me. Hmm.

I finally updated RW!!! Unbelievable!!! Gable clawed my sketchbook so I have to draw new panels. >_< good thing I hadn’t drawn anything on the one he clawed.  I was upset anyways. Speaking of crafty/artistic things, I painted that pumpkin for work! Not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but an orthodontist office gave all the dental offices pumpkins to paint and decorate for a Children’s Ward at the hospital. It fell upon me to quickly create a masterpiece. Angry bird pumpkin complete!!! It took me overall 11 hours total (Gable is sulkily turned away from me, currently, lol), but it turned out rather well. I WAS disappointed in my gross underestimation of the piece of cardboard supporting its bottom, as well as regretting the choice of not using sealer on the pumpkim before adding the paint. Carrying it from the house, to my car, up to the office resulted in 2 styrofoam birds coming off and therefore ugly piece of tape deocorating the side of the pumpkin. LAME. What I should have done, in retrospect, was get a plank of wood to put it all on. The styrofoam balls were a cinch because of my vast antenna ball experience, but the pumpkin was totally new to me. Everyone liked it, though, including the lady that came to pick it up. We shall see if we won!

As much as I griped about it, I was thoroughly satisfied with the chance to flex my creative muscles this weekend. So not only was RW and the pumpkin done, but I was able to frankenstein and then put together a pattern for Gable’s costume. He was a most unwilling model. So pattern is done and I just have to get some fabric to test it all out on! He likes wearing clothes, but he doesn’t like wearing paper. Yay for Homegoods breakables wrapping paper! And my packrat mom.

Legal battle with dad apparently went well. I didn’t pry too much.

Someone keeps throwing poop bags under my car at night. We threw 2 of them away yesterday and another showed up in their place. We want to put up cameras to catch the culprit. We can’t think of any reason why anyone would do something like that around here. We have no enemies that we know of. We barely talk to anyone besides our immediate neighbors. So, only conclusions are: 1) someone who is jealous of us for some reason; or 2) someone related to my dad.

Roaching again!! He barked at me because I tried to roll him over. …

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm in other news I got RE:6 for my brother and played some with him on Monday. Also got Pokemon White 2, but I’m still playing Pokemon White 1 (had gotten Black originally, but I’m playing through White) before delving into the new one. Still playing Blood Brothers on the phone. Used to play Cosmic Colony and Oregon Settlers, but they’ve become rather money oriented, so its been dwindling. I HAVE, however gotten the Stronghold collection for PC. It’s rather fun. Still playing through the first one.






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