It looks like my internet posting has gone from Mondays to Wednesdays

ANd it looks like my RW postings have gone from weekly to yearly. >_< The worst part about it is that I actually have ideas down on my idea pad and the final pencils fooooooorming in the sketchbook. I don’t know what keeps getting in my way??? I don’t actually DO much!!!

OK so this past weekend: Saturday was spent attempting to decide on going to the GPA-NoVA annual picnic with Gable. Voting in favor of anti-socialism, I went with just bringing Gable out to the Manassas Battlefield for a nice walkie. Left quite early in the hopes of beating the beautiful-autumn-weather enthusiasts that have been plaguing the weekends recently. My brother left early too (GASP on a weekend???) to bring the Civic in for Honda service. I got out of my car and took the boy out for literally all of 2 minutes before the inevitable text came in: “Sister can you come pick me up?” I was like, dang I knew it. And turned around to the car. For being 8am on a Sautday morning it was QUITE crowded already, so we made it back to the car in the full lot. I opened the trunk of my car and Gable was like, noooooooooo and started backing up. I needed him in, so slight scolding followed by dragging had him whimpering. Starting to get frustrated, I picked up his front legs to let him know that we were leaving, and he SCREAMED. I dropped his legs, he backed up whimpering louder and so i dragged him forward, set my jaw and picked him up again. Legs flailing and screaming ensued from the greyhound. I vaguely remember realizing that people are probably staring by now, but I wasn’t about to be overtaken by a bratty dog. I hefted the bucking 70lbs of legs and muscle up into trunk, and turned my attention to the back portion of this 29″ at the shoulder, 45-mph animal crying bloody murder. I think he realized that I wasn’t joking because he sort of complied and didn’t try to leave again, but the yelping continued. I quickly hop into the car and look around nervously. People were trying very hard not to look in my direction. I turned the key in the ignition and quickly backed out and got on the road. Finally turning at the light, I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding (still loud whimpering and crying from the trunk), when it occurred to me that that had been a rather hilarious spectacle. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud to myself (with louder noise from the trunk to match)! Too bad I wasn’t able to get that on tape. The whole way to pick up my brother he just wouldn’t let up. When my brother got on he complained very very loudly, before getting tired of whining and grumbling, lay down, resigned to nose whistling. Dropped off the brother at the house and then back to the park. Dog is now happy and forgotten the whole ordeal. Can you just imagine???? If he was a child it would be, “WHY ARE WE LEAVING WE JUST GOT HERE????!?! NONOONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” And then in the car: “I wanna go to the PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!!!!! WAAAAAH!!! YOU PROMISED!!!!” He is so dramatic!!!!! Drama dog. GEEEZ. My mom just cracked up when I told her and she reminded me of how dramatic I used to be as a kid and the hilarious temper tantrums I used to throw. Ugh.

In the end it turned out that it was a good thing I hadn’t gone to the picnic on Saturday because it was actually on Sunday. Go me.

Sunday was spent doing NOTHING!!!! My mom was visiting family that was their neighbors in Vietnam and are currently living in Canada. I played video games, got on the laptop, ate food, and brainstormed like a madperson.

My mom’s volunteer place asked her to come on Mondays instead of Thursdays now, so I had Monday to myself too. Ran some errands at Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, getting gas, and the bank. I wuuuzzz going to go to Jo-Ann and the library but I got tired and didn’t feel like it. Came home, ate lunch, played some more Pokemon and more brainstorming!!! yay!!

I have decided to do crafty things. I am in a crafty mood.

1) Paint the big pumpkin a totoro with a leaf on his head and little pumpkin a white totoro. There’s an orthodontic office that gave my work a pumpkin to decorate for a Children’s hospital for Halloween and we were trying to decide what to paint it. I suggested a shark and a Totoro, but no one knew what a Totoro was. :( So then I decided to do that for my own pumpkin at home. I think we decided on an Angry Bird at work. Guess who got stuck doing the actual painting???

2) Design and create a Crusader costume for Gable. Since it has been getting cold, I was trying to find a doggie t-shirt for him, but no one online sells one that I like, so we’ll have to fashion one for him ourselves. Then upon sketching some ideas, I started going at something I’ve always wanted to do: Crusader greyhound!!! I originally was going to make him the Crusader-destrier-dog costume (and then I’d wear MY Crusader costume!!!), but I like the idea of him with his own costume (plus the fact that I most likely won’t fit in my costume anymore). SO. Heading out to Jo-Ann this weekend to choose fabric!!!

See? Instead of sketching, I’d rather sit here and type??? And now it’s bedtime and not enough time???

I’m so FAT.

I love this rash of brainstorming!! It makes me so happy!!!

My brother and mom are heading out to Richmond to fight in court tomorrow. I’ll be working. Tomorrow promises to be a headachey day.

OH yeah. I changed my room around on Sunday. I love changing my room around.

My body is so out o fshape and I absolutely hate it!!! It’s not healthy!!! My thighs are MASSIVE now!! NOthing fits!!!

aaaaaand!!! My grass is growing!!! I should take a picture :) :) :) :)


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