my body hurts. In a good way!

I actually got out and did the front lawn this weekend!!! Aaaaaaand now my arms are achy as well as a few choice leg/butt muscles. Believe it or not this actually makes me happy. Here’s hoping the front lawn grows as well as the back yard. Hmm. So “front lawn” is slightly more acceptable than “front yard,” but “backyard” totally beats out “back lawn.”  “Backyard” is also one word. Hmm some more.

My mom is about to go fight my dad in court next week. Not looking forward to that one. My brother will be going with her while I work. I just hope that they come to some sort of conclusion that makes him stay away from us forever. My mom is still unemployed and still taking classes and still paying bills and the mortgage and stuff and she’s suddenly feeling the lack of income. I think that’s what he wants: that last semblance of power that she still depends on him for money even now; and by taking that source of dependence away from her he’s causing her distress and that’s exactly what he wants. I told her to just cut the support all together then, because that would hurt him the most: the lack of ANY hold upon her life and reason to pester her. However she is adamant not until my brother is done with school. Ugh. I say let him rot with all his money, as long as he stays out of our life.

The weather is and was amazingly stupendous. Being able to get out there and enjoy it makes me happier than anything. Currently I am cold.

In the video game world I bought myself Pokemon White so that I could trade to myself in Pokemon Black. I have reached the 4th Gym Trainer. It’s amazing all the details I have forgotten since my first playthrough. It used to be that for any of the Pokemon games I could remember anything and everything about the game from the first playthrough, but now I show my age. It’s just not as easy to remember!!!! I hate getting older. I really do. Now I know why adults always said that. The Android game I was addicted to (Blood Brothers) is now just a game to play on my phone. yessssss. The events are what draws me back to it, but I’ve decided that I’m past the beginning allure and now it’s just kind of repetitive because it’s so very difficult to makes pacts with the rare and strong familiars unless you actually spend money. That’s the limit on all these phone games, you know? You’re always limited to actual money and I’m not willing to spend it. Horrible capitalist consumer, yes. I want the goods, but I don’t want to pay for it despite the amount of money required to make and run the game.

I came up with all sorts of Blog-worthy subjects in the past week, but as usual I have forgotten all of them.

It’s so dark in the mornings nowadays!!! And BTW I HATE HATE HATE that Christmas is EVERYWHERE in EVERY STORE already, while Thanksgiving and Halloween are all just side thoughts this year. I want my spider bag!!!


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