It’s not over.

As much as I would love to say that the LG incident at work is over, it’s not. The good news is that she’s not actively pursuing me anymore. The dumb part is that even casual interaction is awkward. She is known to say the dumbest stuff in general, but it gets worse when she’s talking to me. I can feel the desire still floating around within her, held in check by conscious reality…something that is amazing that she can even fathom. So anyways, I’ve made it a habit to stay away from her as much as possible and for a while I was pretending to not be able to hear her when she speaks. She mumbles anyways, so usually I say, “what?” At first she thought it was funny that I had hearing problems. Now, it just really upsets her. She’s still very infantile and will sulk for days at a time when I cause an affront. There was one day when I asked her a simple question and she blew up at me and then she sulked for a week and a half, I guess realizing that I did not appreciate that. Yesterday and today she’s been warming up to me again, culminating with her asking me things again.  She caught me in the break room by myself again (something she has tried fervently to not do during the sulking period) today. I quickly tried to finish up in a not too obvious way, but she caught me. In between mouthfuls of banana, she asked me something. I’d been feeling bad for trying very hard to ignore her, so I had steeled myself to answer her cordially. This time, I honestly had no idea what she said because she had mumbled with a mouthful of food. She got extremely upset when I was like, “huh?” stood up, stormed out exploding, “It is official, you are DEAF!!!” She’s so freakin’ ANNOYING. Whatever, I’m cool with her NOT talkign to me thank you. The less she talks to me, the more I’m happy. Last week she warmed up to me because I was being nice to her, so she buried all that again by calling me “O, little girl…” before asking me anything. Needless to say I was NOT thrilled.


In other news I am playing Pokemon White because I have Pokemon Black and no Pokemon White friends to play with. I am also installing the expansion pack to Age of Empires III and will be playing that shortly here, if I don’t fall asleep first. Trying to spend time away from my bed because it spoils my sleep at night.

I made a greyhound sculpture 2 days ago. It is currently air-drying. I will paint it soon. Pictures later.

I love autumn. I really do.


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