How strange

It always strikes me that I spend so much more time updating blogs and blabbing away about my wonderfully boring life (and messing up all the grammar) when I have less time. Now that I’m off this week and have plenty of time to do whatever I want, I almost have to force myself to get on the internet. It has always been like this!! Whenever summer break came around (NOSTALGIA) or any other break, I’d literally disappear and the entries would be suspiciously brief. It’s not like I’m doing anything partcularly interesting either. So does that mean if I don’t work at all, then I’d spend much less time on my blog?

So what have I been doing? Like I just said: not much. I brought my boy to the vet’s open house this Sunday where he got to meet other greyhounds and plenty of other doggies (I won 2 quarts of ice cream at Baskin Robbins), hid from family on Saturday, slept through Monday, backyard landscaing work and 1/3 of the fence staining Tuesday and today, Wednesday, I spent 3 hours finishing up the rest of the staining today. All the remaining time has been spent tyring to eat up as much video gaming as possible. Except last night which was spent watching Criminal Minds. I haven’t done ANY sort of sketching or aowam work nor decals. I also have yet to get around to reseeding the front yard…though that’s in the plans for tomorrow. The weather outside today is absolutely glorious, which is why I just now moved myself out here. It should be a crime to not want to be out here today. Gable has followed me, plonked onto his side and quickly shot back up. Silly puppy.

OMGGGGGGGGG it is SPLENDID out here. If it’s like this tomorrow I may have to take him out to the park or somethig. He is currently whining big time at me and I’m not sure why. GAAAAH Dog spit on my laptop!!!! Not sure what’s wrong with him today…usually when he gets to go outside especially when it’s like this he’ll lie out here for hours. Today whenever I let him out he begs to go back in in less than 2 minutes. See. Like now. I know I’ve harped on this before, but I absolutely LOVE fall!!!!!!!!!!

OH. So guess I had more accomplishments this week so far: That dead silk tree behind our house’s branches are pretty much all lopped/sawn off now. My mom utilized part of it for her moonflower plant, so I kept that part. At least now the only thing that will fall off (hopefully) during an ice storm would be the plant pot. At some point we’ll have to have it removed, but 1) that costs money 2) it needs to be HOA approved and 3) nothing wrong with it at the moment. Now all I have to do is trim some excess branches off the remaining tree. I had a sudden visit from a P.I. from the government about my old roommate Kerry investigating her for a job. I tried not to be too negative because most of my memories of her are not particuarly conducive to landing a job, but all I ended up doing was making her sound awkward…which is the truth, but not exactly what I intended. Oh well. Moreover I got the dates wrong about when she was actually at Mary Washington. After our freshman year together I kind of forgot about her so I ended up telling the PI that she left right after freshman year which is wrong because she didn’t leave until junior year. Oooops. Big time oops. I also gave her a bad reference to someone else who might have known her between 09-10 because I forgot that I graduated in 2010 but everyone else friend-wise graduated in 2009. Once again: oops. So much for being a good reference. It did strike me as somewhat sad that she had to ask ME to be a reference when it was no secret we didn’t get along too well. Which brings me to my next suspicion that the unexpected last-minute invitation to her house the other day was no accidental last-minuteness but planned that way fully expecting that I wouldn’t want to come all the way to Lorton on a whim like that, but as a way to give me her address and hints as to her situation now for the sake of the interview. Otherwise I’d never know that she lives in Lorton and that she is living with her sister. >_< In most cases I’d think I’m overanalyzing the whole thing, but if you knew Kerry like I do, then it wouldn’t be too farfetched. She can be…calculating…sneaky..she is certainly very passive-aggressive. Not a bad person, just frustratingly vague ad roundabout.

Funny how I end up getting more chores done around the house on my week off when I’m supposed to be relaxing.

Oh boy…the mosquitoes are already out!!! I think I better head back inside.


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