Every time….


Work was a pain, just as I thought it would be. We were doing so well, too! Until one little mishap and then all Hell broke loose. Sigh. It just so happened that our main assistant was out today and it is SO difficult to find an assistant that will work the crazy hours that we do and the overall authoritarian way of operating that the dentists have. The assistant temp that we finally did get everyone else seemed to like, but the moment I saw her I didn’t get a very good vibe. Normally I go introduce myself to the temps that come in, but I didn’t this time… I really listen to my other sense because I’ve found that “my gut” as it were is usually dead on. For some reason hygiene temps are easy to come by, but assistant temps are not. Anyways, the few times that I hung around to hear her talk, she spent complaining about the doctors and how long they take to do things. While it is indeed true that Dr. V is well known to yak yak and yak (this is why patients keep coming back to her) and has a horribly terrible habit of keeping people waiting sometimes too long, it is not ALL the time and I’ve noticed that she has been getting better of late. What the assistants seem to forget is that these docs are nice. I guarantee you that other dentists are not all that nice. They scream and yell and throw things at assistants and can make them seem very stupid in front of other people. Also, the assistant kept saying that her office never makes people wait, which leads me to believe that she must be new to the whole temping gig or something. I’ve been to several dentists as patients and I remember always waiting for my appointments. There was one time as a kid that our family dentist was about 1 hour – 1.5 hours behind. I always knew that when we went to the dentist we’d wait. That didn’t change much when we switched dentists. Have you ever been to the doctor’s and gotten seen right away?? EYe doctor’s?? It’s the nature of medicine and health care: something always happens. For the most part we try rather hard to stay on schedule (who doesn’t). Dr. V jsut has a hard time with keeping her mouth shut I think…but then, like I said before, that’s why patients like her. It’s her way of making patients feel comfortable and valuable to the practice. I was a patient of hers once too for the crazy fillings and inability to numb. All I wanted was for her to give me all of her attention. And she did. Too bad it runs at a cost to the staff’s nerves and some of the patient’s patience. hahahaha. Some of it really is ridiculous, but they surely aren’t ridiculous to the patients she’s pandering to. She truly has some of the most loyal patients I have EVER seen in the field, let me tell you.

And that’s my 2 cents. I will say that I think I have a way of making people shut up, though. So far some of the chattiest patients have been unable to chat their way through an appt with me, and I’ve noticed that even Dr. V’s checks with these chatty patients have been cut short more recently. It might be the pacing. I prob have worn  some nice grooves in the floor by now. I have ADD, I think.

I WILL remember what I come on here to write about, besides my life’s meaningless events and narcissistic tendencies. Someday. I hope. Geez. I really need to start making a list.


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