ruh roh

The sky has been staying darker longer in the mornings which means that I find it very difficult to get up, while the living alarm clock has no trouble at all. I’m trying to train him to get up later and later because Daylight Savings is ending soon.

After this week, I have a whole week off!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO. How exciting!!!! My mom has been bugging me to get online and look at properties at Sandbridge or the beach in general because she really wants to go. I haven’t done it yet. I’ve spent WAY too much money in the past 2 weeks and it has just GOT to stop or I will go bankrupt. (Gable seems to be afflicted by allergies at the moment). With awesome new games coming out, the Wii U coming out, and brithdays out the wazoo, my gosh I dunno if I can hold on to any money. Not to mention the actual bills and taxes starting to roll in from all directions. Kick in the miser again!!!!

I got out and started the overseeding/patching process for the backyard lawn this past weekend. For such a small area it was tiring to use the manual ground tiller as an aerator. I was amazed at how out of shape I am. MAN. Regardless, it looks good so far. I really hope it grows. Still need some more topsoil so I can plant the new hostas and camilla.

Speaking of being outside, the weather is amazing!!! It’s not late summer right now: it’s autumn straight up. All of our seasons are changing times and we are going to have to fix our calendars to coincide or it will just not make logical sense. There is no other time of the year that you can see the sky just so, smell the autumn in the air, watch the birds begin to migrate, and enjoy the wonderfully crisp temperatures. I was COLD last night unbelievably. Every year that it gets to Fall, I am just as happy as can be. It must be that most of my life Fall meant the start of school and therefore the start of something wonderful! I remember the beautiful weather, running outside when it’s not too hot, but not too cold, very minimal mosquitoes, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the promise of Christmas and therefore meeting family. Mostly I think of being outside…I repeat: there is nothing like Autumn skies. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Family update: my mom is still volunteering, but done with school for the moment, so she is busy trying to find things to keep her busy. I’m trying to get her to crochet or sew a hat for Gable and a sweater. My brother started his first day of work as an intern yesterday and he’s incredibly excited about the whole thing. School starts for him on Wednesday…tomorrow. He only has 2 classes left to fulfill and then he can FINALLY get his associate’s.

I spent most of the weekend engrossed in my $10 DS game: Dragon Quest Joker 2. I’ve logged 20 hours into it so far and that’s just going to be the tip of the iceberg, I can tell. My mom is itching for another game for her DS, so I think I’m going to get her a Lego game since you really can’t die in them, plus they’re fun. Gosh I really need to play more video games so that I can at least attempt at some humor about them. RW needs some serious content in that area.

I have SO MANY skeeter bites it’s stupid. The worst one is the one on my cheek from the ones that got into the house. Gratifyingly I was able to kill it the moment it flew up drunk from my cheek.

Seeing as how things are going I don’t think that we’ll be able to move anywhere anytime soon. >_< That itch to work in a different field is so strong right now, most likely coinciding with the onset of autumn, but equally powerful (if not moreso) is the need for income. Hhaha…I was showing my mom some properties in Spotsylvania that are awesome and my brother was very concerned because he jsut started his internship that he searched for so hard. Everytime I look for a job in that area there is NOTHING. At least online. It might be that noVA is much more uptodate with technology and the smaller places are still going at it the old fashioned way.

I hate the week before vacations at work because suddenly everyone shuts down and doesn’t care about anything anymore so then nothing goes smoothly and everyone is irritable. Please help us through this week!!!



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