I am writing this from my Asus

Yes. My Asus. Laptop. Yessssss. :) I shouldn’t even be awake, considering, but I wanted to try out the keyboard and get some stuff settled on it, etc. So far I like it. Quite a bit. I’m hoping that it’ll grow on me the more I use it. I feel bad for my netbook because there’s no reason for me to keep it around now. My Asus is 14″ core i7 dual core, 2.80 GHz, 8GB RAM, and 750 GB hard drive with backlit keyboard. The logon has a face recognition option which at first didn’t work very well but 3rd time’s the charm and it recognized me! It was a really good deal plus now when Windows 8 Pro comes out, I can get it for $15.

Spent the afternoon weatherproofing the new fence and was able to get 3/4 of the inside portion done. I now have a considerable headache and new mosquito bites. Wow the screen is way too bright. I had to turn it down. I’ve always wanted a backlit keyboard, how awesome!! The keyboard is bigger than my netbook’s which I wasn’t too keen on, but hey I also preferred a 13.3″ screen. I guess I’ll get used to it… It’s funny how fumes have a way of hurting my brain–both from the weatherproofing and the bug repellant. With the sheds moved back and things cleared out, our backyard is back to normal and thank goodness!! It was so cluttered before and as small as it was before, it was absolutely tiny!!! It actually looks big now, haha.

Was able to head out to the battlefield with Gable. We both rather enjoyed it!! Girl and dog in the wilderness. How awesome is that? I spent most of Sunday playing Dragon Quest Joker 2 which I got on clearance from Best Buy along with Crysis 2 for my brother. Sketched Gable some. Raided the clearance carts at Giant. Just call me the Queen of Clearance, cuz it’s my new specialty!!! My sister is viciously defending the title. We shall see who reigns supreme!!!

Back to work and it’s Pay Week!! just This week and next week and then it’s another week off!!! SO EXCITED TO DO…..NOTHING.


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