WHY am I awake?

I should be back in bed sleeping. Have you noticed that the sun comes up later and later nowadays? Have you also noticed that the weather is wonky? It has been unbelievably HOT this summer. Unbearably so and it is saddening because I like to be outside in the summer and yet no one wants to be. Global Warming anyone? I was able to get out early Saturday morning (to try and beat the heat) to plant some plants, fix my irrigation line, and sink some flagstones. Brought Gable’s bed out so he could be there with me. He seemed to be rather content the whole time. About 20 minutes into the whole ordeal I was wondering if I was crying because water kept dripping off my nose and onto the ground. When I was done I felt like I had just come from a pool, I was so soaked. I didn’t even finish because I suddenly became very physically weak. Ugh. On a cute note, Gable saw me digging with my hands so he came over and tried to help me. haha. I wish I could get that on camera sometime.

Speaking of Gable: he’s been kind of ornery lately. Not really sure why either.

I just finished reading Catherine Jinks’ new book Paradise Trap on my mom’s Nook. I don’t care if it’s YA Fiction because I really like her books and this is no exception. She has the greatest imagination and it’s very inspiring. One thing I didn’t anticipate was the e-book messing up. After a while some of the pages just wouldn’t turn and I had to manually choose a page number. There was also some formatting bugs in the text.

After some drama we finally acquired an insurance agent and he was able to save me some moola on my new car insurance. Whoo. I was raiding the Target clearance sections again and after a month’s worth of deliberation ended up buying a TV for my room. I know that I originally claimed I didn’t need/want a TV at all in my room, yeah, yeah, but I wanted somewhere to be able to play video games while my mom is hogging the living room one. I also know that I spent a buttload of money on the one for the basement, but the basement is inhospitable at the moment 1) seating is not comfy, 2) it’s kind of cold down there, 3) Lighting can be tricky and 3) mostly: my brother has that drawer project going on and the fumes are horrendous. The basement is way too small with too much stuff and I feel that it’s all very unfair to my 1st TV which I absolutely adore. Anyhoos, the clearance TV was priced at $199 (32″ APEX LED HDTV with built-in DVD player) but by the time it rang up it was only $114. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. Talk about score! Ran home, set it up and ended up playing Epic Mickey on it for about 4 hours. yesssssssss.

My music playlist has loads of instrumentals on it.

I haven’t been wearing my NG so now my teeth hurt and I haven’t been able to sleep properly. >_<

I am SUCH a jerk when I’m PMS-ing. It would suck to be around me during that time. It’s like an emotional rollercoaster ride: angry, sad, depressed, angry, irritable, quarrelsome, angry, happy, self-conscious, bold, angry…repeat. Every little thing sets me off. And I EAT. Like, fried stuff. OMG I think I gained like 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I am so FAT now!!! Reall! The rolls on my midsection, my thighs are now rubbing which is so very frustrating, my chin feels extra bulky, and most importantly I have like no energy for anything! I can’t even squat now without getting tired and I’m so very SLOW running up and down the stairs. When I jump it’s like the house is going to fall down. AND MY CLOTHES ARE STARTING NOT TO FIT AGAIN. AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGH.

I wish my brother would get all that crap done and out of the way, at which point I will promptly make more excuses for not exercising. He takes forever to do anything!!! He had 2 interviews lined up the other day, went on one that told him they’d be doing a background check, so he then cancelled the other one. How stupid!!!!!! He always gives up way too early. You gotta have a backup plan, you know? He keeps putting all his eggs in one basket and then that basket breaks and he’s left with absolutely nothing. Again. Hasn’t heard back from them, now has he? WHY would you cancel and interview? It looks horrible on you! At least go and then be able to tell them, I already have another job!! I do NOT understand him at all. No one does. My mom has no idea what to do about him. Can you imagine him trying to get a real job?

3 weeks until my breaaaaak!!! I hope today is like yesterday (like, NO patients!!!) but more than likely it will be a nightmare. Although…….the rest of August until September will probably be rather clear because everyone’s trying to cram in vacations before school starts and College are all going back. September will be a BEAST.



2 thoughts on “WHY am I awake?

  1. The weather in Taiwan has been really funky as well. There was a typhoon last week and it’s been raining like crazy. On top of that, it’s humid as heck.


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