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After driving my Matrix all week I have had length discussions with it and we’re both on the same page about have had a great time together. On to new horizons!! I still feel sad when I look at it and especially now that I’ve cleaned everything out of it…you know that Subaru commercial? “You never forget your first?” that’s what I feel. Another revelation I had yesterday as I was driving my mom over to my grandparent’s house to show my Outback off was that I’ve bought a grown-up car. Maybe not grandma-car, but certainly not teenager-car. It’s got a sophistication about it the way it looks, the way it drives, the way it’s big. It doesn’t allow me to zoom around and in and out of traffic like I was able to do in my Matrix, or race people, or make an ass of myself in general. Heck it doesn’t even let me put up an antenna ball!!! Moreover the more mature look and feel doesn’t compare the mature cost. Insurance, personal property tax, maintenance costs. The fact that it’s new means I do not want to be crashing it or scratching it up on bushes or busting up the transmission from abusive driving.

Gable certainly likes it, though. I was cleaning out my matrix on Saturday and he was making a racket because he hates it when he can see me from inside the house but can’t be with me out there, so I suitcase-dog’ed (essentially when I forgo the leash and just use his martingale collar like I’m wheeling a suitcase around) him from the house and let him up into the outback. With the windows rolled and seats set down, he was happy with being next to me as I was cleaning. Every time I looked over he was lying in a different spot in the car, haha. Now I have Gable fur all over it. The trunk is maybe double the space I had in my matrix, so now I don’t have to put the seats down when I have him in the car. One gripe I do have is that the seats don’t lay down flat/flush with the trunk. >:(

My grandparents were really happy for me and excited. As my mom pointed out, they’ve always been worried about my mom’s kids and family because we were never as well off (seemingly, dammit) as any of my mom’s siblings. My cousins get the royal treatment and we were stuck with whatever. Especially after we ran up here, they’ve been very worried because neither my mom or brother have jobs. Seeing me do OK enough to get a new car is peace of mind for them. Anyhoos, I took them for a quick ride in it to go eat pho where we coincidentally met up with my grandma’s siblings from the area. They had their own relative from Paris in tow. Talk about surprise. We got cake and lychee’s to bring home. :p

I’ve been playing 9hours 9doors 9people for DS the entire weekend. It is CREEPY. It plays very similarly to Phoenix Wright games, all text-based and tap-puzzles, but it’s got many endings to unlock and it’s rather disturbing and sinister…hence the M-rating. It brings the up the topic of morphogenetic fields which has me on edge and I haven’t looked it up to see if it’s just really good fiction or not. Not sure if I want to. Anyways, after some online cheating, I am at the true ending (after many bad endings) and I am ALMOST done. Will finish later on today. It is incredibly awesome in an ominous psychological way, even if some of the text-based parts are too much and slow down the story. I found myself mind-cursing the text descriptions (maybe because there are many swear words in the game itself amd it emblazoned themselves in my head). There’s a sequel coming out soon for the 3DS!!!

I’d been putting it off, but I finally was able to grind Gable’s claws. After 2 incidents at petsmart grooming he was terrified of the Dremel. I decided that the trauma of going somewhere else while strangers hold you down and trim your nail is unnecessary and if anyone should do it, it should be by me in the comfort of his own home. Not to mention it would save me loads of cash. I’d been trying to get him used to the noise and vibration, but it wasn’t working, so I got my brother to hold him while I went at it with treats. We tried standing up first which was good until he screamed ended up smacking my brother on the head head. Got him clamped again and then my battery ran out. 20 minutes later I tried again, this time he was lying on his bed. My brother sat on him (haha) and I was able to get his front paws with little to no resistance. Then to access the back paws, I laid him on his side and my brother just played with his ears while I ground everything down. No fuss at all. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the whole process. Just like he’s supposed to!!! YESSSS. Awesome. How he let’s me play with his paws no problem and I was able to get those chunks of broken claw out that had been bothering me for so long. For some reason, the groomers never got his dew claws, so I did and I was happy. YESSSSSSS. Triple YES.

I can’t believe I wasted a gorgeous day like yesterday playing video games, but I did. >_< As usual.

Plans: Finish 999, somehow get contacted by the car donation people, get in touch with the insurance agent, grocery shop (I also need new glasses), draw something, work on staining the fence?


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  1. Congrats on the new car! It is always exciting to drive around something new and I bet it feels extra special since you could afford it yourself. :)


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