How I Spent My Weekend

How I spent my weekend was….

The hilarious part about it is that this is the type of answer you see on college essays and tests in college. I remember writing like that in 1st grade and then realizing that answers like that are generic and boring.

Not sure where that came from.

I’ve joined the ebay world! …20 years after their heyday. I’ve always been skeptical about it and the quality of items and security, etc, but I thought about it and now after they have had plenty of time to fix all the holes it should be pretty darn close to safe. Plus I now also use Paypal. Way to stay with the times!! Anyhoos, I’ve been looking for hard-to-find games and now I’ve scored one (Zelda Minish Cap for GBA) for 15 bucks and am waiting on another (Phoenix Wright Justice for All from…the UK???) hopefully for $7. I’m sure there are people out there who look for good deals on ebay and then turn around and sell the items for a profit.

Been playing games this weekend! I was totally bummed when I went out looking for Pokemon Conquest on Sunday because within 1 hour after opening, ALL THE COPIES ARE SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. OMG. I never thought that it would be that popular! There was no hype! Not only that, but it’s a tactical game Pokemon crossover with an obscure Japanese game!!! I bought a copy off amazon instead, which had a wait time of 2-4 weeks, but thankfully they’ve lowered that wait to next week. Instead, I used my Best Buy giftcard on Super Mario Land 3D which I’ve played until I got stuck on a boss and then finally finally finally found the courage to pull out Resident Evil Revelations which I absolutely suck at, but oh well. In Skyward Sword I am now at the part where Ghirahim has stolen Zelda away from me at my glorious happiness. Buh. I have to mention here that the triforce level was not only amazing, but I was blown away at the genius of how the spiral fit into that Sealed Ground area. I wondered why the level design was so annoying!!!!

I brought my boy to the vet again on Saturday because he’s back to peeing blood. I got a different vet this time which I like better so far even though I find it somewhat difficult to undersand what she’s saying (Eastern European accent). We’re doing another battery of tests which make me really glad I have a job. There could be a number of things wrong with him so we won’t know until we get the culture results back how to proceed. Currently he is on Augmentin which ironically I used to have to take all the time. Still battling his super picky eating habits. My mom has been trying to get him to respond to a “paw” command, and yesterday he came up to her and made like the classic dog trick paw shake. She was really happy because she thought he finally got it, but it turns out he wanted her to look at his elbow because there was a gorging tick on it. He is adorable. I honestly feel like he thinks he’s one of the family and therefore is entitled to both the sofa and our food. I was on the phone yesterday with the eye doctor and seeing that I was on the phone, he came into my room and started whining and making a huge racket. I kept pushing him away because he’d come up to my free ear to do that, but he wouldn’t stop so I pushed him out of the door and partly closed it. He promptly pushed it back open and whined even louder, not stopping until I was off the phone. I was like, WUUUUUUUUUUUT because I remember getting yelled at by my mom for doing something similar when we were kids.

One more week of work!!!!!!!! I have next week off and you wouldn’t BELIEVE how long I’ve been waiting for this. Pity it’s not a month, but OMG I don’t know how people do it going to work so much with no break. I have zero endurance.

We finally got a mirror up on the wall!!! It was on sale for $59.99 at Kirklands, which was reduced to $46 after their discount PLUS a $10 coupon which brought it to $36. wut WUUUUT!! Not only that but I finished up putting mulch, topsoil and some new plants down for the backyard under the deck dripline. It’s looking good so far!! Just waiting for the fence people to come and do the fence so that I can finish up the rest of the flower beds, fix my water channel and then get to work on the grass again. Getting things done!!! Too bad I still haven’t cleaned up my room or my bathroom yet.


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