I did it

I know I hate updating from my phone but I forgot to mention that I did it: I talked to my boss about the whole LG problem I’m having. She was astounded and upset for my sake, wishing that I had told her earlier about this. She was about to fire LG but together we decided to wait it out a week and then see whats up, since she has backed off a bit. She was easing back into her shenanigans by the time Friday rolled around and I felt like this was not just gonna go away completely. My doc made me feel really good about the whole thing as she asserted that she has definitely got my back through all of this if not for my ease but as her responsibility as an employer. It was really awkward at first as I tried to find a way to say tell her but as I kept talking and she was giving me positive feedback it came out easier and easier. I didnt tell her everything LG told me but she got the idea. I feel much better knowing that she knows but I’m also afraid of what will happen next. I…feel bad.


2 thoughts on “I did it

    1. It felt good to get it off my chest, but now she’s like watching like a hawk. hhahaha. LG has backed way way off, so I hope she keeps it up because I don’t want her to get fired if she doesn’t have to.


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