Tuesday again???

Gah. I keep waiting for someone to tell me that this hygiene rotation is over, but it never happens. At the same time, I think I’ve finally accepted my real-work-life fate. I can’t stop working when I need things like a new car and food for my dog, and paying for my poor family’s desires. Either that or I’ve succumed to life in light of the fact that I have a week off in 3 weeks!! whooooo. I am SO over the no summer vacation thing. I always knew, but it never sunk in, that I wouldn’t be getting month-long breaks anymore…

LG issues are pretty much over for the moment besides the few inane comments that pop up, so I haven’t had to tell Dr. V about it.

Puppy face is crazy acting up. He’s been having “accidents” in the house, but yesterday was unbelievable because he peed in the house TWICE. I was livid. Belly band is back on at night and I told him that if he keeps this up we’re going to bring back the crate. I don’t really want to because he is absolutely terrified of it, but he can’t keep doing that either. I’m convinced that he has separation anxiety pretty bad, but I also surmise he does it when he’s upset. Some resources tell you that dogs aren’t capable of that sort of thought process, but I disagree. Those are the same professionals who tell you that medically there’s no such thing as PMS. Despite every annoying thing that he does I can’t stay mad at him for too long because he’s adorable and it’s not fair for me to hold a grudge against a creature that forgets what he did in about 10 minutes. Kids…

Mosquitoes are out. I hate mosquitoes.

So my mom and I went to the Celebrate Fairfax thing that I was so excited about on Saturday. Great, warm (hot) day to do it. $12 per adult to get in. I wasted $24 that day. We were sorely disappointed. The event seemed geared for kids more than anything. There weren’t even good vendors!!! The Fairfax City Fair is so much better, but mostly because the latter is aimed for adults. We spent a good 30 minutes and decided that we were done. I bought a huge bag of kettle corn, got some free bags, my mom got sweet potato samples, and we got some exercise in before leaving to go eat at chickfila because fair food is real expensive. The highlight of the whole thing was the petting zoo mule! I didn’t want to stand in line so I looked in from the outsides at the pen with a donkey, pony, tiny goat, and a mule. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mule in person or that close.  It was ADORABLE. I LOVED IT. HUGE ears, soft nose, not as big as a horse, but not as small as a donkey, docile, furry, huge eyes. While I was trying to communicate it and poke it’s soft nose, a man inside came up and petted its rump. The mule kicked hard at him, but thank goodness for large fencing. One thing I did learn about horses and ungulates in general is that if they can’t see you, don’t touch or approach them. Horses can be either head or butt shy. They fear what they can’t see because they’re so tall. In the past my dream home had so much land I wanted a horse, but after Saturday I’ve amended that to mule. Horses can be skittish and shy, donkeys are irritable yet fearless, so thats why they came up with the sterile mule which is the best of both worlds: strong, hearty, brave, gentle. Also, the tiny goat felt just like my doggie boy, just with funny eyes.

Here’s hoping the patients are all MIA today. HAHA. The weather is depressing and there was like no traffic  this weekend. I think with school letting out and such things are wonky.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday again???

  1. Hahaha, I totally know the feeling of “please have all my patients cancel oh please oh please just let them not come so I can go home.”


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