Ahhhh it’s very nice not to have to deal with work drama (I HATE DRAMA). Maybe that’s why I’ve been so happy on weekends. We successfully avoided the family event on Saturday (it would be a crying shame if one of my relatives has found this blog) and tried to grill out, but the propane ran out. Again. I think that there’s something from with the gauge my brother bought. It must be leaking.

Saturday was a lot of fun for my pup; we went to Wylie Wagg, a local pet store that is AWESOME where I got him a pack of canned food and he chose his own duck toy. Then off to petsmart to have his nails dremmeled (screaming and fighting. I’m gonna have to find a way to do it myself) and then we saw a greyhound group where he got to go hang with his peeps (and the girls). He’s like a different dog around other greyhounds. Anyways he ended up stealing the show because in the sea of greyhounds his color is sopretty. People would come up and go “WHOA I like HIM!!!” There was one guy who came all the way from DC and he couldn’t keep his hands off Gable…his 2 little sons loved him too and peppered me with questions. I was thrown off a little, being unprepared to deal with the adoptions questions yet (only 3 months into my own adoption), but it felt good to affect other people like that. People took pictures and soon I left too, though not before another customer wanted to come up and pet him. I have to admit that when we first got him his color was much lighter; he was listed as a red brindle, but he seemed more of a fawn brindle than anything else. Now with the amazing (expensive) food I’ve been feeding him, he is no doubt a red brindle. He was just happy to have all sort of people, kids, greyhounds  to socialize with. I tells ya, the boy is like a different dog. Normally he’s all goofy and silly, but around greyhounds and esp girl greyhounds he’s all cool-dog.

Yesterday was another astonishing day outside, so I was able to spend some great sleeping/sunning/reading time outside on the deck (unknownst to me I squished an earwig with my back). Coming back in to get in some video game time, I suffered a horrible MSG attack from my lunch and stumbled upstairs nauseated into my bed for a very rare nap–rare because I hate taking naps during the day: I can’t wake up!!!

Even with the nap, today I am still 100% exhausted. Of course that means that puppy face begged to go out a good 30 minutes before usual which = even less sleep for me.

I wonder if I will ever be able to share any real blog thoughts in this blog…prolly not. Ah well. I’ve got an eye appt at 12 that I am actually real excited to go because my eyes have been bothering me. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I am interested in taking the contacts plunge. I hope I’ll be able to pull it off. Still getting new glasses, but I’m hoping to wear the glasses and contacts 50/50.


2 thoughts on “Mondaaaaaaay.

  1. wait… i’m confused. what are “real blog thoughts”? Isn’t everything you write on here a “blog thought” because it’s written in your blog? Also, Gable is a cutie.


    1. Well I mean all the topics I have in mind to blog about, as opposed to my life’s story; only it never seems to work out the way I want it to!

      He is indeed a cutie. A stinky, silly cutie


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