I tried.

I’ve been trying not to post so much in here because it seems so obsessive, but I can’t help it today. The LG issue at work is really starting to get to me. She tried to ask for my number today and I was outright sorry, no. For a moment I was thinking that I was over-reacting a little, but on second thought, no I’m not. I don’t want to have to dodge phone calls on top of the dodging at work. I was SO RELIEVED when she had me cornered about that (she’s like tenacious calculus!!!!!) and Dr. V interrupted us twice to complain about patients coming in tomorrow, because it gave me reason to change the subject big time. She’s the type of person who will not leave you alone, no matter how many subtle hints you want to give her because she wants a straight answer…and I’m willing to bet that even if I told her I’m not interested, she still wouldn’t leave it alone.

You know, at first I thought it was kind of funny and I actually was enjoying the attention a little, but this is the first time I’ve had to deal with someone with her doggedness. It’s getting on my nerves and it really is distracting. However, I have noticed that I’ve started to fray her a little. In the beginning she threw me off and I was the one floundering, but now that I’ve got my bearings back the tables have turned. I’ve stopped trying to be nice about it. The more annoyed I get, the more terse my answers get. I have a gift/malady of knowing how to push people’s buttons, and sometimes get a perverse satisfaction out of taking advantage of people that way.

She asks me about stupid things, I geuss in an attempt to get to know me better: like do I make my bed, do I like dark or white meat better, etc. She asked me what I use to clean my dog with (apparently she found that the one thing we really have in common is that I love my dog and she has one too), and I said I don’t because he doesn’t need to be cleaned (greyhounds don’t smell bad and very very rarely need baths). I failed to mention that I do brush him often and sometimes I rub him down with a bath wipe. As is turns out she is a bit of a clean freak, because she almost freaked out and told me that’s akin to not washing my hair everyday, which she then asks if I do. Irritated, I decide to play it and leave her hanging. Still refuse to tell her. Drives her nuts. For the record, I do, but what care is it to her if I do or don’t. Similarly last Thursday a couple of us had a harmless discussion about whether or not do we make our bed everyday. I said, no, because it’s true: recently I’ve been pretty bad about doing it even though I used to be real anal about it. She almost flipped out too and asked me why. I jokingly replied: because I’m just gonna get into it later anyways, so it’s ready to be pulled up and over me. She rants about how her baby-daddy (who had been arrested and is out on bail right now) used to say that same thing. Don’t compare the two of us!!!

GOSH these things sound like lover quarrels, you know? Like, “tuck in your shirt,” or “don’t leave the toilet seat up,” or “turn off the light behind you.” I DON’T LIKE IT. It’s awkward.

It’s gotten to the point where I almost want to get Dr. V involved. I don’t think she’s noticed anything so far. I asked my co-hygienist if she’s really noticed anything and she doesn’t think anyone really has…or at least they don’t let on to it. She says creepy things and I don’t know how respond!!!!!! I KNOW, though, what the doc will tell me: she’ll just tell me to be forthright and ask LG to back off. And if Dr. V is the one to talk to LG about it, LG will come after me later and berate me about why I didn’t just outright tell her, blah blah blah. I don’t really see a way out of this, you know? I’m telling you that even if I tell her to back off, it will cause even more issues. Not only will I still have to work with her every day with prob even more awkwardness, but I guarantee that LG will still be shooting me those looks and those weird comments/questions.

I’ve come to the conclusion that LG is still very juvenile. From who she used to be it sounds like she has matured a lot after having that baby, but still very childish and immature in my book. You know how I despise immaturity.

HAHA. I was complaining to Co-hygienist about how she follows me into the corner room and blocks the only exit, and Co-hygienist warned me that she might slam me up against a wall at some point. Cracked me up, but it’s a scary thought too, because she’s much bigger than me….and I was the tallest person there before she showed up. Thanks, friend.

I think she has it bad for me…and I’m not just flattering myself. WHY???!?!?!?!!?. Ugh. I can never make normal friends.


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