More Choppy!!

My mom and I randomly decided yesterday morning to take advantage of the holiday quietness to chop the dead silk treesome more. At first it was meant to be some liberal pruning, but it turned out to be a massacre…which is ifne by me! The pole lopper/saw I got is truly amazing! I honestly thought that we’d have to shell out so much more money to get this tree chopped up, but it looks like we can do the majority ourselves! So good that there wasn’t anyone outside walking the dog or anything, because it was raining branches!!!!! I’m wondering if there’s a way we really could do it all ourselves…we’d have to get a chainsaw, that’s for sure, getting down to the trunk, unless I just want to go out every so often with a wood saw and just go at it until little by little it’s gone. The stump would be a big problem, though, and I’ve pulled up enough stumps/roots to know that we need someone somewhat professional for that.

My ex-father is still not paying anything so I dunno what’s going to happen legally–more than likely something we don’t want to go through. I had a dream that he died, and my mom has been either killing him or seeing him die in her dreams. It brings up the question: if he really did die, what do we do? As his kids we have a duty to him, but I really don’t want to deal with the other side, especially knowing what happened after my grandpa died. Interestingly enough it seems that my family is trying very very hard to stay away from everyone. I think the rest of the relatives kind of understand it too. I have a feeling there was some sort of something that went on for Memorial Day. I always make the excuse that I HATE going to alexandria — which is dead true — but the real reason is that whenever we go to these things we don’t really…fit in? We were gone for soooo long for one, but the main problem is that we live in a different world than they do. They’re all sports, country club, private school, VT, UVA, politics, etc. We’re like, uhhhhhh, I have a dog?. There’s nothing to talk about!!! So we end up talking to each other, or I’m acting silly with the kids. Sure we can come up with something to talk about, but you just can’t help feeling detached. I really feel detached from the 2 older cousins (14 and 16) because we literally have nothing in common with those boys. At least the little kids are little…but even they experience things I don’t have experience with. Not to mention…my conservative non-asian uncles are scared of me and my hair. HAHA. One of my uncles really really wants to go the route of congressman and politics, so he’s always really concerned with outward appearance and reputation.

Still hankering for a new house a little further south with a yard, a different job, and all the same gripes. Money sux.

My boy doggie is suddenly roaching as I type, exposing everything!!! He’s so silly!!! haha. He’s beginning to get bored of his life, I think. If my mom were to go back to work soon, I’m not sure he’ll do too well. I’m seriously thinking about getting another greyhound for him. I won’t do it right at this moment, but he’s such a social guy I think he would really flourish with another buddy. It all has to do with bigger house, yard, though. I’ve already been thinking of getting a new car, and that would be one of the must-haves (though not a necessity) with 2 greyhounds. I wish I could provide him enough stimulation. Hmm. I also need to get him more food. Maybe I’ll send my mom on an errand today. :D

I finally sat down and drew stuff!!! yay!! In the same vein, I opened up the brainstorm document to get some work done, and ended up reading it for 2 hours instead. Ugh. This is why I never get anywhere.

LG at work is back to making me feel uncomfortable. I was kind of enjoying the banter for a while, but now it’s just getting on my nerves. I’m going to explode one of these days. She’s getting to the point where she’s touching me now. She randomly threw her arm around my shoulder for one, and then told me that she can’t wait until I get my hair cut real short again. So I didn’t. Normally I would’ve done it this week, but I decided to leave it off until next weekend. If that.


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