What happened.

For some reason when I was posting from my phone again, the post ended up as a new page instead of a blog entry. It is now posted correctly at 5/12/12. Nothing special. Just ranting.

Lover Girl update: she has backed way off, but still every so often when she gets a chance to, she jabs into the convo a little something about how she is still unsure about our “relationship status” but that she kind of gets that I’m not interested. Kind of annoying, but hey it works. I accidentally said the wrong thing yesterday which I hope didn’t change anything. Gosh me and my mouth. She went to spit out her gum at the front desk where I was talking with the front desk lady. I pulled out the trash can for her and she just spit it out into the trash can (she’s tall). Without thinking I just said, “oh that’s attractive.” Normally I say that to people and it more often than not illicits a giggle or chuckle. I mean nothing by it. Halfway through saying it, I realized that I should not have said it to LG. *sigh* Of course later she has to confront me about it and really all I meant by saying that was she could have gotten a towel and spit it in there instead of spitting it out from the distance of 2 feet. The sad part about all of this is that I think people at work are starting to notice something is up. Lover Girl is not the quietest person in the world. I’ve been trying to talk and act normal around everyone, but I can sense the slightest bit of hesitation. They don’t talk to me the same way anymore until LG is gone.

More reason to tell me I need to move on???

I got my fiskar tree cutter in the mail yesterday. It cuts amazingly well. Not only does it have a wood saw, but it has a lopper too! We’ve been planning to have a dead tree in the back cut down, but that costs money, so I figure we lop off some of the easier branches (some of them are rubbing up against the next tree) to help allay some costs and maybe we’ll be able to just get them to come and get rid of the tree trunk and root? Not only the tree but we need the fences re-done, so it makes sense to try and get rid of the tree first (the trunk and root are growing smack under the fence, figures). Had some fun yesterday on the deck chopping things. I love wood saws!!!!



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