I tells ya…

…I’ve decided that mobile anything is not for me. I despise them. They are convenient, definitely, but if I had a choice I’d not use it and if I didn’t have it, I’d prob not miss it too much. THe convenience of not having to wait for my computer to boot up and amazingly awesome, but I hate seeing anything “mobile version,” I don’t like having to zoom in and out all the time, and typing on them is just as annoying as I thought it would be. Not only that but the battery!!!! If anything, my smartphone has made me more ADD. Now I’m all like, ANY EMAILS HAS ANYONE TEXTED ME OMG FACEBOOK…even moreso than before. I have to force myself to sit still and just enjoy my surroundings instead of immediately whipping out the phone to entertain myself. For the first time in a while, I left work yesterday and actually inhaled the air outside: the natural smell boosted my happy levels like nothing has in a while. Before going into work yesterday I looked up at the sky and in the silence of my car I gathered my thoughts. I think our lives are governed so much by electronics and sound and stimulation that it gets harder and harder to stop and smell the roses. When I get in the car, the music gets turned on. When I get home, the TV gets turned on. Before going to bed, it’s either the computer or the phone. I think I could learn more from my doggie boy.

With that aside, typing the post from last night on my phone was frustrating, but I needed to get that out of my system. That is exactly why I try very hard not to get to know people too well. When I was younger, it was because friends are supposed to hang out with friends, but my situation did not allow for that sort of good activity. Now that I’m older it is because most people I get to know well end up like this. Like I said: guy or girl, it doesn’t matter.  I guess everyone around this age (and prolly for the rest of my life??) is looking for relationships?? How does, friends!!!! turn into girl/boyfriend!!!??? Maybe I’m the odd one out–no. I KNOW I’m the odd one out. I thought I was safe around her because she already has a little kid. Figures.

And how do you know if you’re flirting???? So that I can stop???? Ugh. It makes it even more complex especially that I have to work with her.

OK. Enough of that.

Weekend plans? Umm, it’s mother’s day! Gable has a follow-up visit to the vet tomorrow. I was feeling pretty good about his UTI being gone because for a while he was very well in the mornings, but the last 2 days (ran out of antibiotics on Tuesday night) he’s been whining and barking outside my door in the mornings. Not a good sign. Of course, analyzing the factors it could be the fact that I switched my bedroom with my office and he doesn’t like the new room with its brighter window? Nowadays it is so bright in the mornings. However, last night he about had an anxiety attack when my brother was like 5 minutes late bringing him out for a walk. It sounded so pitiful, he was actually crying!! Preparing to be parted with a large amount of money. Ugh. Still haven’t even scheduled an eye appt.

Mother’s day! I got my mom some early presents: Chinese wall scrolls of the 4 seasons. Our house walls are aggravatingly bare. Still have not put them up yet. I also got her a new phone yesterday which should be arriving in my mail today at some point. Jealousy pervades my soul about the latter. I wanted that phone!! oh wellz. My sister is hopefully coming up on Saturday and I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Grapehounds is tomorrow too, but with potential sister arrival and the vet appointment I have a sneaky suspicion that I’m not going to it. :( Bah.

I update too much!!


2 thoughts on “I tells ya…

  1. For some reason the WordPress app on my phone doesn’t work because the lines don’t advance when I type so I can’t see my posts. And I definitely agree about phones making me more ADD. I felt like I was playing Scramble with Friends and Words with Friends way too much when I should have been studying for finals.


    1. That’s why I’ve stopped playing on the phone altogether unless I really truly am bored. The WordPress app (like many others) IS annoying in that I have no idea what I’m typing either. Sometimes I’ll hit back to hard and I lose everything I typed.


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