How lame is it that I was thinking about blog ideas in the shower?

And how super lame that I have now forgotten exactly what I was thinking.

Weekend news!!! I went to the Reston Pet Fiesta with Gable this weekend. I was all over the Greyhound Forums worrying excessively about taking him, as he seems to do very poorly around negihborhood dogs. At some of their behests (ie the ones that actually know me or live around here) I went anyways. We were both very excited for different reasons when we arrived (30 min before the even was officially started) but it turned out to be great! And when I say ‘it’ I mean Gable…and I guess me too. As eraly as it was there were already other early-birds floating around with their pooches and I walked him all around the event area just to get used to everything. His first meeting was with fellow greyhounds which I already knew he was cool with. That seemed to give him confidence. I was blown away at how great he was walking by other dogs, coming up to smell them, allowing them to smell him…so much so that this tiny little curly puppy dog thing came up to him and he sniffed it like it was another dog!!!! YAYUS. It was awesome. I ended up buying him 2 new martingale collars.

So then yesterday I decided to move my rooms around. The room that I had originally been sleeping in and my office were switched. I think I like it this way better. Gable has issues, though. Dogs don’t like change. In fact, Nature doesn’t seem to like change. The ultimate plan is to put a twin sleeper sofa in here for guests like my sister to sleep on, so that she doesn’t have to sleep on airmattresses all the time. Time seemed to be moving very slowly yesterday which is not a bad thing! I spend many weekends wishing it would go slower. Speaking of slow, we’ve been having work done to our deck (powerwashing, sanding, restaining, sealing) and it’s been like 3 weeks or something. I think today is the last day, thank goodness. HOA better not freak out on us cuz that was quite an ordeal.

I’ve been having incredible back pain while I sleep. It might be a variety of things: my bed, bad sleep posture, my horrific posture at work, the fact that I’m putting on pounds, not stretching everyday. I’ve been trying to put a pillow between my legs since I’m 50/50 side sleeper or back sleeper and it seems to be working? Either that or its the weekend and I haven’t been working hygiene.

Gosh…I am so done with the field. It’s a cush paycheck for what I do, and I spent so much effort in school for it, but all the bad things together and I can’t stand it. I can’t stand dealing with the patients anymore, I can’t stand the stress at my particular job right now, my body hurts (partially my fault, but I really can’t help it with some patients), and it’s such a mindless job. The commute also sucks. So really it all comes down to money and the effort of school again. I’ve been looking at other fields and MAN the pay difference is incredible. This is some of the reason I got into hygiene in the first place: good pay, for not too  much work. When I’m done for the day, I’m done; no work to take home with me, no being on call. As naive as I was I didn’t realize the physical exhaustion that accompianies this ideal set-up. Does money really matter that much to me? It certainly is nice to be able to support my whole family by myself on 28 hours a week. Think of if I worked the full 40 like I used to. More and more I find that I…don’t want to go to work. At least not my job now. Any other job would have itsown ups and downs, I know that…what to do.

I’ve gotta stop running away from things, but I think that’s what makes me happy in life: the constant change. I oppose nature! I’m always changing my environment, my location, my situation. It’s like I can’t be happy until I’ve experienced as much as I can. I can definitely see myself getting into another field and then ditching that for something else. Will I ditch my puppy when I get tired of him? (he is such a pain sometimes. Like this morning) I do everything twice before I settle into something, so I hope that my next choice will be a good one.

Ah money, how I hate thee. And if i hate money then I hate living up here in northern va. I really do despise living up here. I was talking to a patient of mine the other day and he reminded me of richmond and a more relaxed way of life. It’s so uptight up here. I really really miss the relatively laid-back quality of life back south. All 3 of us it seems miss it. Looks like we’re not settled here. Is change in order? I’ve even been looking at real estate. haha.


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