Nothing much to report.

Today, the 30th of April, it the day that the HOA said would be our very last chance for redemption in their eyes. Deck is still not done, and all the hardwork growing a nice lawn is going up in smoke because of the worker man tramping around in the backyard and dogs peeing on our beautiful front lawn. It annoys me that they go after us, though, because a quick glance around says that even with our large yellow patches our lawn is heads and tails above anyone in our immediate area.

My brother is another big problem because he randomly decided to go out and “seal” the concrete patch on our steps. Only problem is that it’s #1: ugly & #2: done wrong. He did it too fast and didn’t do it properly so now it just looks like a kindergartener with a paintbrush brushed a line on our concrete. I was going to do it. Problems with him are that when he wants something, he wants it fast. Can’t do that. You need to be thorough. What he needed to do (and what I was going to do eventually) was first kill all the weeds and grass, then chisel out a v-shape so that the caulk would have a good area to adhere to, figure out whether a backer rod is indicated, waited for the right conditions and carefully apply the caulk. It needs to cure and it needs something to adhere to. The grass/dirt/weeds that are currently still under the crack actually prohibit bonding/curing…not only that but the lack of defined, clean shape of the crack all get in the way of the product working. The weather doesn’t help either, but that’s a big consideration when doing these types of things. He’s just still subscribed to his usual modus operandi which is brute force and minimal future-sight. Future-sight!! Kadabra! Ikke-eeeee!!!!

Biggest on my want-list: iPod Classic 160GB. A close second is a new laptop. My little netbook is on its last legs. It takes literally 15 minutes to start up and now it can’t even play an .mkv file properly anymore. Thank goodness my Blu-ray player can play them off my usb cuz I was FINALLY able to watch my Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva OVA thing (big screen too :D). It took me a while to finish the Last Spectre because I’ve been so distracted. It was good!!!!! So happy.  Speaking of games, I’ve been hard at work at Tales of the Abyss and Xenoblade Chronicles. The latter is SO FREAKIN’ HUGE I’ve logged in a good 25 hours just doing side quests. I wuz playing Zelda (finally beat the water place) but then I started Xenoblade and have been too lazy to change the discs.

Yesterday was so glorious!!! Gable was allowed to sleep outside for 2 hours and even got canned food for the weekend so he was happy. I am truly worried about him and the seperation anxiety. My mom was gone the first half of both Saturday and Sunday and even though I was in the house he would cry for her for a good half hour before running up to my room and making sure to lay next to my bed. He is so paranoid that we will leave him. Currently he is still downstairs and not up here with me which is a good sign. I want him to be a little independent. This is why I am very hesitant to bring him to the beach with us. He would freak out. The antibiotics must be working, though because he doesn’t have to go out nearly as much and no accidents so far. His ear infection seems to be clearing up too. He doesn’t shake as often and has stopped fighting the ear drops so much. Yesterday I cleaned out a huge chunk of ear crap out I assume is dead yeast matter.

Anytime I play piano is lies there are growls or leaves the room. Yesterday after an episode of that, I pulled out the violin and surprisingly enough he lay perfectly still and didn’t complain. Either I’m better at the violin or he likes it better (maybe he can tell that the piano is electric?). I would like to find more violin music and my goal is eventually to find a better violin–not crazy expensive, just better than my really cheap one. I’m no professional.

Also, I was able to finish my planting of the flowers out front. In my opinion it looks good :)! There’s a space for an attention-grabber plant. Haven’t found it yet. We’re most likely going to go to an actual nursery to find that perfect plant. Never bought anything from a nursery before!! I want to fix up the backyard too, but currently there are ladders all over the place.

Hopefully they’ll be able to finish up the deck soon (thats the plan for today at least). Gosh the sky looks bad, though. OH yeah, randomly, the HOA decided to put in a playground in the space behind our house. This is good, though because our neighborhood is kind of…annoying. They like to regulate but give nothing back, so this is a good gesture in my eyes. The neighboring townhouse neighborhood looks a little less expensive, but they seem not to regulate as much and have playgrounds scattered regularly throughout the place…not to mention dog poop stations (not just bags but a trashcan too) and large tennis and basketcall courts.





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