Having been off on Wednesday (why is it even spelled that way????) it’s already Friday! Exciting, sort of.

Not much to report. Puppy boy is doing fine, mayhaps even a tad better from the antibiotics. It kills me to know that he probably was in much pain the whole time from the UTI. He never showed any signs of it.

Plans for the weekend: PLANT THE PLANTS that have been sitting there for 2 weeks now in their pots. I feel like there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing this weekend, but I can’t remember. There’s a huge greyhound event going on in Gettysburg, PA starting today, but I opted not to go this year. It seems like loads of fun…even moreso than the Grapehound Winetasting in Leesburg coming up in a month. I’m voting for next year when I have a better grasp of his behavior and tendencies…not to mention when he doesn’t have a UTI. Also, if he can stay in a car for longer than 30 minutes.

I suddenly realized that now with the new house, I still haven’t  done any decals!!! When they’re finally done with the deck and hopefully the pollen and stuff stops falling in huge chunks, I’ll finally be able to let my decals dry outside. As for antenna balls, I’d love to do some more, but 1) no ideas and 2) no where to sit there and do them. I’m looking for a small desk to put in my room as a designated craft table. And then I can get a desktop easel or something similar.


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