I should rename this blog The Dog Blog. I came home yesterday from work and expected normalcy. Gable hadn’t really touched his food which is somewhat normal for him, so I didn’t think too much abotu it even though he left more than normal. He started whining a lot while we were stil eating (still not too unusual, but it was more than I’m used to) so I hurried to get him out of the door before he had an accident on the floor. His first pee after a while is usually long and quantatious (haha) but it was long coming, weak and short. My mom had mentioned that she took him for a midday walk, so I attributed it to a lack of ammo. The real problem came when he was done peeing after the second stop. The 3rd marking stop were drops which really concerned me so I took a closer look and OMG pink drop then RED DROP. I couldn’t believe it. We walked a little further and I contemplated going back home and calling the vet, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things. 2 more stops with increasingly dark drops. It looked painful…so I cut the walk short and called the vet. Poor Gable had no idea why his walk was less than 5 minutes and what was going on. They offered me an emergency after-hours visit, but warned me that they were chocked full of emergencies for some reason and that it would cost an extra $20. I was also given a next-morning appt at 9:30. Work, Gable’s health, my mom, money, waiting all swirled through my head and I ended up taking the the 9:30. Called my work and they called a temp in (I don’t know why I felt so horrible doing that to them–ended up crying after I hung up) so I have off the whole day today. I was worried, my mom was worried, my brother was worried…the only one who wasn’t was Gable himself, throwing his duckie and hedgehog around in the air. His “last call” before bedtime had him out there for a while straining again.

Woke up this morning all ready to take a pee sample in to the vet (advice from the greyhound forum) and surprisingly it seemed pretty normal. The walk was similar. No straining, no blood, just plain old mark-master at work. I was kind of disappointed which grew into worry that I completely over-reacted and now will pay moola needlessly and waste their time at the vet’s today. Not to mention work having to go through the hassle of calling a last minute temp (again) and me missing a day of work (no paaay!! and this week is pay week >_<). A part of me says that no, it’s not a waste because I’ve been worrying about UTI’s with him since we got him, and it’ll be peace of mind to know that I did all I could should the worst come around, but I can’t help the other side either.

At least I’ll have a day off to plant plants? They’ve been sitting in their pots since the weekend before this past one. And maybe I’ll finally make that eye appt.


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