…your armpits by yourself is very difficult. I still try anyways AND the Veet strips that I use now comes in underarm size!!! woo. Must attempt. I know they always say that shaving does not make your hair grow in thicker, but why is it that the part of the leg that I shave always come in darker and faster than the waxed or less shaved parts?

I took a nap this afternoon which ended up lasting 2.5 hours. This is why I don’t generally take naps. You really should only take power naps which are defined as a nap lasting between 15-30 minutes that provides a power boost, because anything longer tends to give the opposite effect. Whenever I sleep during the day or too long I get a really bad headache, dizziness and overall exhaustion. I’ve found that it is quite difficult for me to get up after a mid-day nap, as well. No different today. Which meaaaaaaaaaaaaaans….I missed 2.5 hours to actually get stuff done.

With that said, I was able to sketch and ink 2 posts for RW, but now I have to color them and it’s already 9pm and despite that exta long nap I am tired again. I will attempt to post anyways. The bathroom cleaning was a success, however!! Aaaaaand I found that still need to do some improvements there…I need to caulk around the base of the wall tiles, and the toilet tank has a slow leak around the bolts where someone in the past had done a patch job. What that means now is that I have to take more effort and time to undo the failed patch work in order to do it correctly and hope that the problem is as simple as it seems. As I found with the tub and with my luck, the tank’s probably cracked or something crazy. Oh and car inspection = pass.

^Clearance curtain!!! I really like it. :)

I hope there wasn’t any necessary laundry today.


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