I have dog pee in my nose i think

This menace of a dog peed on the floor through his belly band this morning because he couldn’t hold it 5 minutes, barfed up lots of grass upstairs on the carpet, and then peed again in the basement later because I was unable to understand his asking to go out as I was playing video games. Our house does not smell all that well.

I cut off all my hair!!!  Again. Shorter this time. My brother says I look like my favorite stuffed duck. Image

The shadows don’t do this picture too much justice, but you get the idea. I was playing with mousse this morning. My dog doesn’t seem to be able to tell the difference. Not that he cares :)

I finally got around to cleaning up my room. It’s about time when you have hoarded every laundry basket in the house and the drawers are literally empty…

Speaking of the dog, I got his nails trimmed on Saturday. The sad part was that he was all calm throughout the whole process and I was so nervous I had to leave for a couple minutes. I don’t even understand why I was nervous. Still no vet appt yet >_<

Haven’t made my eye appt either and I suddenly realized that I have to get my car inspected by next week.

I made dinner tonight which meant spaghetti. I have to make dinner on Monday nights now. Kyrie Eleison.

Had many plans this weekend!! Ended up not getting most of it done because I actually played Zelda Skyward Sword and my newest game Xenoblade Chronicles. whooooooo. I also finished Find Me on my 3DS.

I go to the pet store every weekend now. It’s kind of sad.

Hmmm there’s something else I wanted to share here, but now I can’t remember. Oh well. Happy night!



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